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Parent Trap Part two

Deleted original post, because this doesn't help anything.

To Univ. I am the one who wrote the post, everything posted here is mine. May I remind you this, is a blog, not a newspaper, not a website.

A plain blog.

If I were to use the standards of journalism for this site, half the post won't see print.

That's why I didn't mention any team nor school in the post, since I didn't have most of the information.

I added that post, so that those who knew about it, can add something. I've decided to remove it entirely, because one, we have enough negative stories without adding another sidelight.

Of course, I may change my mind again later dawn.

Picture, picture

TO the parents, coaches, or anybody else who was at the Mizuno Cup. If you have pictures of the Mizuno Cup, which you want to be published in the blog. Feel free to email me. I know you have them. If you think, your pictures are not good enough, then as long as:

1. ) The faces of the players are clear.
2.) It's an action shot
3.) a sidelight (Pictures of kids waiting for their game, or cheering for their teammates)

I'd publish it. Unlike the newspaper, there's no space constraints in the blog. Though, I'm limited to uploading five pics per post, that means I have to make a lot of posts to accomodate your pictures.

I'll publish firing squad pictures (A firing-squad picture is a picture of a group of people standing in front of the camera. FYI A firing squad picture is a big no-no in journalism.) if it is of the champion team.

36-Above division

Springdale Dads with Mario Ceniza and Richard Montayre topped the division.

I've seen Montayre's free-kick ability in the past, having seen him score from almost 40 yards in the Aboitiz Cup a few years ago, but I have to admit, I have never seen Mario play.

During the CIS 36-above division a few years ago, Mario was too injured too play, and besides he was the keeper.

However, in the Mizuno Cup, I saw him play and I got too thinking, even if I was still that young, gung-ho, cigarette free and beer free 17-year-old striker, the present Mario will run circles around me.

I've always heard stories about how he could do this and that, and it's good to finally have those stories validated.

Let's hope all the other local legends, especially about another guy older than Mario, who's supposed to be the local version of Roberto Carlos even before Carlos could kick, will take part in the division.

One thing though, it seems, I may be wrong, I've observed that a few of the…

Women's Open

After losing the San Roque title, Queen City got back on track, defeating the San Roque FC, which also lost in last week's semifinals, via shootout.

Im sorry to say, that was the only game I got to saw in the division.

Men's Open

Again, Don Bosco Argentina ruled the division, after a shootout win over Queen City United.

I wasn't able to see much of the finals, but for me, one of the most exciting games was between CIS, a new entry, against Silliman, which, if I am not mistaken, had the country's former Numober one keeper, Ref Cuaresma (incidentally, he wasnt playing the keeper)

The highlight of the match was Oliver Colina's goal. Colina, who told me a day before that he wasn't playing per advice of a doctor, struck from way deep from the kick-in, stunning both the keeper and everybody else.

It may have been a fluke, but it wasn't, it wasn't the first time he did that. Too bad for them, they lost, 0-2, to Queen City in the semifinals, both goals scored by Ivan Dimco.

Girls 17

The CIS ladies took the Girls 17 title, beating PaBol FC, 1-0 in the finals.

Aboitiz Under-18

The Aboitiz Under-18 got overshadowed by the Mizuno Cup, but there are a lot of issues in the Aboitiz U18 -- one San Roque's forefeiture against USC and the UC vs. Hiroshi game, which had one player sent out.

Matulog nako, sige bye

Red Horse division

This is where I pause and rest. Hic.

Boys 17

The biggest suprise in the division was not CIS loss, or Springdale's win, or DBC's failure to make the finals, but rather CIC-Mandaue making it to the finals and just losing by one goal to champion Springdale

Boys 14

CIS defeated Springdale, 1-0, to bag this crown.

It was a beatufil give and go between goal scorer Kerbasi Ugart and Xavier Streegan. Now, if I am not wrong, Springdale's got three players who played for the national team in this bracket, and for CIS to beat them in this tournament (Yeah, it's just a festival, put in all pro and con arguments here) speaks volume of the competition in Cebu in this division.

Boys 12

I just realized all the notes that I have of this division consist of one single line, Springdale winning over DBC, 1-0, with Martin Mendoza scoring the lone goal.

I like this division, this is the division, which was one of the youngest when all these football festivals started, and now they are getting really competitive.

Springdale, DBC and another team qualified outright to the semifinals, with Bright ACademy, CIS and Pepito playing for the final semifinal spot.

CIS beat Bright 1-0, Pepito beat Bright, 3-0, and the other results are lost on me.

Players 10

The Players 10 finals ended in a shootout between Pepito FC and Springdale, with Springdale winning by just one goal.

I've seen a lot of shootouts but boy that shootout was one of the best.

Sringdale's Antonio Eduardo Rafols and Pepito's Kevin Delantes put on a show.

Rafols saved all but one Pepito kicker, and that one miss he had, he guessed and dove on the right direction and even managed to tap the ball, but not hard enough.

In the sudden death shoot-out, Rafols saved all three, including a dive to the right on the third kicker. Delantes was just as impressive, punching out two shots.

The rest of the P10 champions are Anton Alvarez, ericles Dakay, Jose Rafael Lipardo, Lorenzo Ugarte, Donn Ijo Clarito and Enzo Ceniza.

Players 8

The Players 8 division was won by Springdale, 3-1, against Don Bosco. Lorenzo Ceniza, a player who I know anybody admires whichever side of the fence they are sitting, scored two goals, while Sabin Veloso added one.

I didn't get the scorer from DBC.

But here's a few observations.

The Players 8 finals, of all the finals I saw, was the most raucous and loud, the parents do get into the game.

I know everybody will see the glass as half full or half empty, but for me, I just hope both the parents and players involvement in the game doesnt stop in the festivals.


I was going to start off with the Players 6 but I checked my notes here and all I see is a winner and a loser and on top, the word 'Players.' No division.


Mizuno Cup

The Mizuno Cup just ended, with only a few surprises.

The two day festival, with a 136 teams, offered a glimpse to the new season, with the participation of most of the schools in the age group.

On the second day, the thieves 'stole the limelight'.

I know you have your piece and all. That's why, I'll try to write, to the best of my what I can recall and what I know, per division.

If you guys have photos you want published here, just email me.

Forum gets facelift

The football talk forum will be finally changed today. We might have to register again.


For the PaBol girls fans

Here's the picture of the San Roque Girls 17 champions.

Keep your comments and reactions, in check. This are Under-17 girls mind you.

*Front (L-R): Ban-Ban Yu, Jackie Ting, Charmaine Badilles, Bea Maximo
*Back (L-R): Nikki Sembrano, Patty Liu, Mitch Muller, Julienne Canoy, Althea
Lua, Erika Casas

All pics from JP


More pics


Aboitiz Pictures


USC yanks title in San Roque

THE final day of the 2nd San Roque Football Fiesta offered more surprises, as the traditional powers in the Women's Open got booted out, while Dads United's unbeaten run in the 36-above category went to naught after crashing out of the semifinal round.

The University of San Carlos (USC) ruled the Women's Division after a hard-earned 1-0 win over Mulbachs FC. Roseton Bariñan, USC's latest addition from Davao, banged in the lone goal of the match for their close win.

Bariñan also earned the MVP honors for the team.

In the semifinals, USC scored an upset of sorts when it beat San Roque FC, 2-1, while Mulbachs finally scored a win over rival and defending champion Queen City United in the other semifinals via a shootout.

Meanwhile, the Don Bosco Alumni-Argentina also hacked out a masterful 1-0 win over Barili FC to bag the Men's Crown. Warlou Sabella scored the lone goal of the match from left flank, earning him the MVP honors in the division.

In the 36-above category, Quee…

Bright takes two titles in San Roque Festival

The football gods looked over perennial champions Paref-Springdale yesterday and picked out a new favorite, Bright Academy.

The young upstart, which entered the local football scene last year, plucked out two titles in the 2nd San Roque Football Fiesta yesterday, both against Paref Springdale.

“This is really not our day,” said one Paref Springdale mother, after watching Springdale’s third loss in a finals match yesterday.

Bright’s Under-17 team, coached by Restiuto “Totot” Colina and Dennis Peñalosa, bagged the day’s first title impressively, beating the heavily favored Springdale team led by veteran keeper Paolo Pascual.

Justin Lee sent a perfect free kick past Pascual, who played for Cebu in the Philippine Football Federation’s Men’s Under-17 Regional tournament for the stirring upset.

“In fairness to Springdale, they were on the offensive most of the time,” said Bright assistant principal Neil Montesclaros.
Lee’s shot earned him MVP honors and the first title for the team in the tough d…

Aboitiz Under-18 photos

There are glitches with blogspot. I will upload the Under18 photos once the glitches are corrected.

Forum to get new facelift

The Cebu footbal forum, which just got set up recently, will be undergoing a facelift. Stay tuned. You may have to re-sign up for the forum

Yehey! The forum is finally up

Finally, the cebu football forum is finally up, my brother set this up.

The address is:

A few rules:

Let's keep it civil. (gamay ra ang cebu football, magbingi pa gyud ta tungod ra sa gipangyawyaw sa forum)

Let's keep it about Cebu. I don't want to compete with the other forums, like Alain's and totot's, let's help each other.

I know, that it is unavoidable that matters outside Cebu will be discussed, but relate it to Cebu football.

I plan to make separate announcement sections for the different schools, schools lang because some of the clubs have their sites. This will be purely announcement stuff, to offset heated rivals from poking fun at each other.

I'll try to get Maxi, or any of the board, involved.

Any other suggestions?

By the way, to some who want their identity hidden, I'm still not sure whether I get to view your email add or not, so to be safe, sign up for new ones.

San Roque Cup this weekend

Details to follow. (hehehehe)

More blowout wins in Aboitiz U18

THE Cebu Football Association decided to hold the Aboitiz 18-Under Cup at the Cebu City Sports Center to draw the crowds. Too bad the action on the field has not lived up to it.

For the second straight day, blowout is the name of the day as favorites Hiroshi FC and the University of San Carlos pounded their foes yesterday.

Hiroshi, manned by players from Abellana National School and Paref-Springdale, were barely threatened as they handed the San Roque FC of Restituto Colina, a 6-0 beating.

Not to be outdone, the University of San Carlos drubbed Don Bosco Boys Home (DBBH), 5-0, to start its campaign on a winning note.

It was the second straight rout for both losing teams.

Last Saturday, Hiroshi FC drubbed DBBH, 4-0, while the combined University of Cebu/Don Bosco Technological Center scored the most lopsided win so far, 9-0, against San Roque, which has now rejoined football tournaments after years in the doldrums.

Next Sunday's match promises to be more exciting as UC takes on USC, whil…

Mizuno holds two-day tourney in Ayala

CEBU football just got another backer--sports apparel giant Mizuno.

The Japanese company, through its exclusive distributor Mint Sports Shop, will organize the two-day Mizuno Football Fiesta Cebu at the Sacred Heart School-Jesuit field in Ayala on Aug. 26 and 27.

Interested teams may contact Melissa or Dickson at 346-3967 between 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. during Mondays to Thursdays and between 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. the rest of the week.

They will hold competition for the Players 6 up to the Men's 36-above age groups and will also not charge any registration fee for the public schools.

"This is our way of keeping kids off the streets," said Mint Sports' Dr. Wendell Villacin during yesterday's press conference at their shop at the Banilad Town Center.

Tournament director Neil Montesclaros expects at least 60 teams to sign up for the event, which charges P500 registration fee for the P6 to the Boys 17 and P1000 for the Men's and Women's Open.

Aside from traditional youth p…

Cebu beats Sultan Kudarat, 32-0

If this was a boxing match, this would be equivalent to Iron Mike (in his prime) fighting the sad, money-hungery Iron Mike (in his last fight)

Cebu is in the semifinals.

Can they beat Dumaguete?

Cebu beats Iligan, 2-1

FIRST-timers Presley Cunningham and Gabi Mercado saved an understaffed Cebu City in their thrilling 2-1 win over Iligan City in the first day of the Philippine Football Federation National Women's Open in Dumaguete City yesterday.

The two Cebu International School students, who are playing in their first National Women's Open, scored a goal each for Cebu's hard-earned win, which was compounded by a strong downpour.

"It's very hard to run because the ball gets stuck," said coach Dexter Arrojado, who still lacks four players for the 10-team tournament.

"Two of my players' spikes also got damaged, it's a good thing there are cheap spikes here, so they were able to buy a replacement," said Arrojado, whose team, Queen City, topped the Aboitiz Women's Open in Cebu recently.

Cunningham got Cebu ahead in the 15th minute after tapping in a mishandled cross.

After Iligan equalized, both teams scrambled for a winner before Mercado, who also played for C…

Ticgahon update

*Manfred, sorry I can't upload your pics, it's too dark, my pc just got reformatted and I lost my photoshop program, so I can't edit the pics.

update from Manfred

Team Basak showed again surprising performance when it draw 3:3 with CSCST (SCI-TECH)in the latest game of FCINTER CEBU TICGAHON League. Both teams played strong over the 90 minutes and the supporters from both sides were excited and cheering about the good performance shown until last minute. CSAT took over now the lead of the table with 13 points. Team Basak still 3 games behind the schedule is now also one of the favorites for the title.

The youth-league on Saturday saw also many improved teams, so the scores are much more tied and the games very interesting except for the Under 12 teams because of their big age-differences. The players were not to stop, even when the last game of Saturday turned in a little water battle due to the heavy rainfall.

Results of the youth-teams:
Ticgahon shooters vs. …

Should I put up a forum

I've been thinking about putting up a forum, exclusive for Cebu football, but there are a lot of forums already -- better maintained one at that like that of pinoysoccer and san roque.

What do you think?

Should I?

San Roque meeting tomorrow

There will be a meeting for the San Roque football festival on Aug. 5 at San Roque, call Elying for details

Heard from the grapevine

The manager of the men's senior squad will be or has been sacked "to give FA president(s) a chance to experience the job"

Sounds like a "scratch my back and I'll scratch yours move."

CebuFA nixes AFC seminar for basic course

By Marian C. Baring
Sun.Star Cebu

Instead of an Asian Football Confederation (AFC) License C coaching seminar, the Cebu Football Association (CebuFA) has re-applied to the Philippine Football Federation for a basic coaching course, which is expected to ‘finally” materialize anytime this month.

Last month, CebuFA president Jonathan Maximo, has requested the PFF to hold an AFC-C licensing. PFF, however, suggested to hold the basic course first, forcing them to re-sechedule the seminar this month.

This was after the PFF observed that less than fifty percent of those joining the AFC C-licensing courses held in other provinces passed.

“They suggested that we follow every level. That we first start with the basic and those who are qualified, could advance to the national coaching course, before the AFC C,” Maximo said. “If we directly to the AFC licensing, there is a tendency that a lot may fail and our efforts would only be wasted.”

CebuFA is now waiting for the confirmation from the PFF on who …

New rule hampers Cebu

THE new guidelines from the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) is preventing Queen City United coach Dexter Arrojado from putting up a stronger backline in the PFF National Women's Open Championships in Dumaguete City.

Ironically the regulation--which sets the minimum age in the tournament at 16--was set to level the playing field and to separate the young girls from the women's.

"There's already a national competition for the young girls, so that's why the PFF set the new guidelines," Cebu Football Association president Jonathan Maximo said in an earlier interview.

Among those affected by the lineup is defender Gabi Aboitiz from Cebu International School.

"Aboitiz is very useful, she's tall and experienced and she doesn't get scared," said Queen City United coach Dexter Arrojado.

QCU needs to beef up its defense for the National finals to avoid a repeat of a humbling 0-5 loss to Davao City in the finals last year in Davao.

This year's natio…

PFF u17 Pics, Part 3

All Pics by JP

Pics Part two


PFF U17 Pics Part 1


Are the three seminars canned?

Its August.

Cebu was supposed to hold three coaching seminars last month. A basic seminar, a National Coaching Course Certificate seminar and the Asian Football Confederation seminar.

Last I heard, all three was re-scheduled to this month because from just the AFC, it was expanded to three, so as to equip the participants with the needed knowledge. The CebuFa has also coordinated the schedule of the seminar with the PFF and I presume that includes informing the people who are supposed to conduct the seminar.

But I've heard otherwise, national coaches Aries Caslib and Marlon Maro, who are supposed to conduct the seminars have identified July as their only available month.

"Last chance na ni sa Cebu, kay dugay na ni sige ka postpone," my source said.

I think I wrote about these seminars since last year.

If the CebuFa has managed to reschedule the seminar to August, the better.

But Aries is busy in August--hence the need for it to be conducted in July--the training pool for th…

Ticgahon League Update

Big surprise for unbeaten leader Mandaue Gunners, they lost their 1st game in the 5th round of FCINTERCEBU football-league against newcomer Team Basak, 0-4, and drew with CSCST-TECH who won 4-1 against Ticgahon.

Both now have 12 points but the Gunners have three more goals.

Results and standingsTeam Basak vs. Mandaue Gunners 4:0

Ticgahon shooters vs. CSCST SCI-TECH 1-4
Abuno FC vs. Pajac goalgetters 9-4
Tabor Hill Saints vs. Imperats United 3-7

Table: July 30
Team Points Goals
1. Mandaue Gunners 12 + 25
2. CSCST SCI-TECH 12 + 22
3. Imperats United 9 + 9
4. Tabor Hill Saints 9 + 8
5. Abuno FC 6 - 6
6. Ticgahon shooters 3 - 2
6. Team Basak 3 - 2
8. Pajac goalgetters 0 - 52

CIC continue to dominate the youth-league with wins over Paja…