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Fair Play: No room for nostalgia in Azkal lineup

(This is my Fair Play column for Sun.Star Cebu's Aug. 28 edition)
ONE forgotten December almost 10 years ago, Chieffy Caligdong and Aly Borromeo conspired in the dying minutes to end the Philippines’ winless drought in international football.

Facing a 1-0 deficit in the dying minutes, Borromeo’s header connected with Caligdong for the equalizer and deep in injury time, the two were at it again as Caligdong scored the game winner for the Philippines first win since the 1991 Southeast Asian Games.

Fair Play: Being fit helps

(This is my Fair Play column for Sun.Star Cebu's Aug. 16 edition)
BACK in college, one of our boardmates got confined at the Cebu Doctors’ Hospital for a few days. I’ve forgotten what for, but what I can’t forget is that we visited him regularly for two reasons.

First, it was the NBA finals and for cable TV-deprived college students like us, his confinement was god-sent as it allowed us to catch the Michael Jordan-era Chicago Bulls beat the Utah Jazz. And the second reason, of course, as engineering students in male-dominated classrooms, his stint at the hospital was just what the doctor ordered for eyes deprived of lovely sights.

Fair Play: Lessons from Gilas, disgruntled Azkals can learn

(Sun.Star Cebu's Aug. 14 edition, this is my Fair Play column for)
WHEN Gilas Pilipinas was first formed, I thought, this over-paid bunch doesn't need a new patron, but to rediscover the honor of playing for the flag.

Let them look at the football team, I'd tell colleagues over beer—no allowance, no fancy uniforms, no recognition, and heck, there weren't even overseas stints, and they play like wearing the country's colors is the highlight of their careers.

That was in 2009, a year before the Azkals phenomenon hit fever pitch in Hanoi 2010.

Fair Play: Should PFF give in to ultimatums?

(This is my Fair Play column for Sun.Star Cebu's Aug. 7 edition)
I WON’T play if Coach Dooley is still in charge.

If that came from any of the players based here, he’d be pilloried no end. Ostracized for thinking he’s bigger than the team.

But this came from Stephen Schrock, one of the more respected and high-profile members of the team. Denis Cagara said it too.

The two guys are essentially saying, if you still want us, get him out.