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A new league and the Mizuno

I've been caught up with a lot of work lately, so I wasn't able to update this much.  Here's a short update.  There's a new league in town, and it will be in Lapu-Lapu.  It will be managed by Manfred Schuwerk, the SAC awardee, and will be done in coordination with the Department of Education.

The managers' and coaches' meeting for the Mizuno Cup will be on Saturday, June 30.  Updates later.

Milo wisens up

After the brouhaha of the MOA in elementary football in last year's Milo Olympics, the organizers have apparently wisened up and are implementing changes in this year's edition.

Among the changes is the selection process of the MOA. Before, it was the technical head of each event who was in charge of choosing the MOA, now the organizers have taken away the authority from the technical head.

The MOA must come from the champion team and it will be the coaches who will nominate the MOA.  The nomination, in turn, will be endorsed to a technical committee who will either approve or disapprove the nominee.

Here's the link

Maximo: One Club, One vote for CebuFA elections

By Marian C. Baring

Sun.Star Cebu

FOUR years is more than enough.

Serving one term as president of the Cebu Football Association (CebuFA) is enough for Jonathan Maximo, who said that he is no longer vying for the presidency in this year’s elections.

“It (four years) is too long. We are not paid to do this job and usually, one’s peak is during his first year. The excitement tapers off as time goes by,” said Maximo, who just came off a sabbatical in the US.


The San Roque P20 football raffle


The San Roque Football Club has stumbled into something unique.

In the waning days of summer, just as you'd be lucky to catch a local game being played, the San Roque Football Club put on a P20 football raffle.

Just show up, pay your P20 registartion fee and boom. You get to play. Not a bad idea.

And if you have an axe to grind against a neighbor, forget about it, chances are you'd end up playing together.

In their one-day fiesta last Sunday, you don't choose who to play for, nor does anyone for that matter. Every member is raffled off to a team.

Here are the pics.