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When golfers from hell attack

WHOEVER said golf is a gentlemen’s game probably failed to consider Mayor Nasser Pangandaman Jr. and his minions.

The Mayor, or His Honor as blokes like him liked to be called, went UFC and beat the crap out of a 14-year-old Jungolfer and his 56-year-old dad, why?

Most of the scattered reports I got blamed “slow play,” for the brawl and a blog account of the daughter of the Jungolfer’s dad, who was also present during the incident, said Pangandaman, an insignificant mayor of an otherwise unknown town before this, was part of two flights which overtook the family of golfers.

After catching up with the two flights, the father proceeded to ask them why they overtook their flight without asking permission, but instead of an answer, he got whacked.

I’m no expert in golf etiquette, let’s leave that to our golf guru, Ed Chiongbian, but I don’t think you need to be an expert to know that getting to blows in the gentleman’s game--or any sport for that matter—is a big no no.

I wanted to learn how go…

Fair Play: 2008 was a banner year

THE past year has been quite good to Cebu sports. The recent surge in boxing, the growing popularity of Cebu’s premier inter-collegiate league and Team Cebu City’s success, among others, made 2008 a banner year.

Here’s hoping for more in the Year of the Ox.

Fair Play: 2008 in review

THE year is almost over, so let's review some of the things that made it to these pages this year.

BOXING’S SURGE. Though I'm not old enough to compare the present boxing scene to its yesteryears, 2008 saw a surge in boxing promotions in Cebu, though sadly, the boxers weren’t as successful as the sport was.

Three big promotions—including two world title fights—isn’t something to sneeze at.

Fair Play: Playing Santa this Christmas

IT’S Christmas Eve! That time of the year when you get to stay up really late and open your gifts—whether you’ve been nice or not so nice.

In the spirit of Christmas, and since giving is better than receiving, Fair Play made the rounds and asked some of the notable names in Cebu sports what they would give if they get to play Santa this year, with the white hair, beard and tummy and all.

Fair Play: Christmas wishes for ol' St. Nick

UNLESS you bet your Christmas bonus on the Golden Boy, or your bank suddenly became a kill joy, the holidays is your time to be merry. So, come on, let’s be cheery. (Hmmm, that’s really cheesy!)

It’s 12 days to go, so get that list, check it twice to be sure nothing’s amiss and let’s all make our wish! Sharapova’s kiss? That sure would be nice. Nothing is impossible, as long as Santa is able.

Fair Play: Bet against Pacquiao? katching

WONDER how the Pinoys who placed bets for Oscar de la Hoya felt last Sunday. Every punch Manny Pacquiao must have carried that “teet-teet-teet” sound the cash register makes when it starts to tally the items we bought.

In Rounds 7 and 8, it must have been one continuous bleep before they hear that inevitable, katching, and the cashier says,
“That’s ____ sir.”

Fair Play: The famous Gov. Tikasan of the Philippines

ASIDE from honing his speed, power and defense, there is one more important trait Manny Pacquiao should learn going to tomorrow’s fight against Oscar De La Hoya and even in his future mega fights.

How to say no.

Fair Play: That runner's high and boring speeches

IF you want to learn the meaning of “passion for sports,” then check the marathoners. They are one of the prime examples. I mean, who in his right mind would run 42 kilometers?

For non-marathoners, 42 kilometers is just a number but if you want to imagine how far is that, then picture this.