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Fair Play: the Dead haunts SBP

DEAD members aren’t supposed to influence the course of an organization.

Those who are alive and kicking are the ones who are supposed to do that.

Fair Play: Is it time to replace the CFA board?

CEBU football is in turmoil.

It’s no surprise, really.

Cebu football is always in turmoil. It’s a never-ending saga involving back-biting, come-uppance and pissing contests among clubs, peppered only with a few moments of unity.

Fair Play: Yayoy's defense vs. Atan's jab

THE elections are still nine months away and the campaign period hasn’t officially started—though you wouldn’t know that if you watch TV. This early, Yayoy and Atan are getting it on.

Yayoy is Raul Alscoseba, the Sto. Niño toting coach of the Cebu Niños and the guy in charge of boxing at the Cebu City Sports Commission (CCSC).

Mizuno Cup photos

All photos contributed by Dr JP. Mga peeps, you can also contributed your own. Just email me for details.

EPL season preview by John Dykes

Heard the one about the Premier League footballer who chose to spend his summer holiday in a muddy field on an island off England’s south coast? No, well it’s a story that might provide some comfort for fans of West Ham United.

Fair Play: Grouching Tiger, Miserable Dragons

UNDER the category for “blowouts,” in Wikipedia are interesting facts concerning some of the worst routs in sports history.

Perhaps, one day, an enterprising soul will include the circumstances of Cebu Eastern College Dragons’s twin routs to the University of Cebu (131 points) and the University of the Visayas (155) in their first two games of the Cesafi in that entry.

Fair Play: The Knights and Dragons of Cesafi

ONE night, I dreamt I was a Dragon. A vicious, four-legged, winged and fire-breathing 60-foot creature.

I was summoned by our leader. He was angry. Very angry. He told me I was to contact Atty. Jingo Quijano post-haste and file a case against the Cebu Eastern College for impersonating and embarrassing us Dragons.

Aboitiz Cup Pictures: Part Three

All Pics courtesy of Dr JP

Aboitiz Cup Games 08-09-09 Part Two

All pics by resident photog Dr JP

Aboitiz Cup Games 08-09-09

All Pics courtesy of resident photog, Dr. Joel Pascual

Fair Play: An icon for Philippine sports

I WONDER if the events of the past few days will have an effect on Philippine sports.

I wonder if the story of one woman’s courage and sacrifice will teach sports leaders a thing or two.

I wonder, if Pres. Cory had a thing or two to say to Philippine sports leaders, what would it be?

Fair Play: The mark of Mighty Mark

EVER since I started reading Mark Jaon Melligen’s name regularly in boxing reports, I started getting intrigued by the guy.

When I heard that he sparred with Floyd Mayweather Jr., who was then keeping his unretirement under wraps, my curiosity got piqued a bit more.

Fair Play: RP's best struggles against Asia's best teams

THE last time I got really excited with our national basketball team was in 2002 during the Asian Games.

Against South Korea in the semifinals, I went from “Yes, we are in the finals!” to “What the…” in the final seconds of the game.