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Fair Play does the Last Round

IVO Karlovic must be scratching his head after his first-round exit in the French Open.

He fired 55 aces and still lost in, 6-7, 6-7, 7-6, 6-4, 6-3, to Leyton Hewitt.

Fifty-five aces, 55 points. That’s 13 games, and 40-love.

At 6’10”, or just an inch shorter than Greg Slaughter, Karlovic gets unbelievable angles with his serves.

But he still lost.

Consider this, Karlovic’s average speed in his second serve was 172 kph, just six shy of Hewitt’s average speed in his first serve.

“He gets up higher because he’s hitting so short in the boxes. The angle he gets, you can’t touch a lot of his serves. It’s physically impossible,” Hewitt said of his giant foe.

The two also met in the first round in Wimbledon in 2003. Hewitt, the defending champion, lost.

“I felt like I was a little unlucky…to play him on any surface, he’s so dangerous,” Hewitt told AP.

So far, things are doing well for my bets in the French Open.

Roger Federer was all business in his straight sets win against Alberto Marin, while And…

Fair Play: The biggest bust in the NBA draft

FOR some strange reason, I have always taken a liking for the LA Clippers.

Back when I started paying attention to the NBA in high school, the Clippers was the second team in my priority list of NBA teams to cheer. The first, of course, was Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

Fair Play: Banal vs. Concepcion 2 and Federer's vengeance

HOURS after AJ Banal won his comeback fight at the Cebu Coliseum, I browsed and was jolted by an ad for a fight, “Banal na Paghihiganti” and saw the familiar face of Rafael Concepcion, the Cebuano’s conqueror in Laban na Banal.

Fair Play: Longest six minutes in history

(This post got lost)
IF I HAD less than 24 hours to live, I’d probably get GMA 7’s and Solar Sports’ help.

If they can stretch six minutes to three and a half hours, they’d do wonders for me.

At four minutes before 12, Manny Pacquiao ended Ricky Hatton’s unbeaten run at 140 pounds. At around 3:30, GMA time, Martin Nievera was still singing the national anthem.

Fair Play: Things I learned in Boracay

HAD quite a busy day last Sunday.

I had coffee and a bit of breakfast in Boracay, took a pee in Caticlan, had lunch in Kalibo, dinner at the Mall of Asia and slept in Cebu.