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PFF snubs CFA, puts CAFC in charge of RP U14

From Sun.Star Cebu

INSTEAD of handing the Cebu Football Association (CFA) the duty of handling the training camp of the RP National Boys Under-14 squad, the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) has given the responsibility to the Cebu Amateur Football Club (CAFC).

Usually the PFF gives the assignment of supervising training camps to CFA FA, the sport’s local governing body, but PPF chose CAFC because of the club’s capability to finance it.

FCIC slams semis door on USC

FC Inter Cebu (FCIC) shut the door on host University of San Carlos (USC) with a 4-2 win yesterday in the Cebu Amateur Football Club (CAFC) 10th National Interclub Invitational Tournament at the USC-Technological Center yesterday.

The win sealed the top four spots and both USC and Count FC, winless in five games, are out of the semis hunt.

In the second game, Doraemon took over the No. 1 spot with a 2-1 win over the University of San Jose-Recoletos.

10th Interclub Pics (4 of 4)

This is the last batch of pictures of the 10th Interclub. All photos taken by Dr. Joel Pascual.
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Hindi bawal mangarap dahil gusto ko happy ka, laban?

10th Interclub in photos (3 of 4)

This is batch 3 of the Interclub Pics. All Pics by Dr. Joel Pascual.

10th Interclub in photos (2 of 4)

This is the second batch of pictures taken by Dr. Joel Pascual of the CAFC Interclub.
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The 10th CAFC Interclub in photos 1 of 4

This is the first batch of pictures taken by Dr. Joel Pascual of the ongoing CAFC Interclub.
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FCIC draws CAFC, 1-1

AN erratic Cebu Amateur Football Club (CAFC) conceded a late goal for a 1-1 draw with FC Inter Cebu (FCIC) in Day 5 of the CAFC 10th Interclub Invitational Tournament at the University of San Carlos (USC).

CAFC got the no.1 spot with eight points from four matches, while idle Doraemon is second with seven. FCIC is third with five, while USJ-R, which was to play Count FC yesterday, is fourth with four points.

USJ-R surprises USC, 3-2

MARK Mejaran capped a stirring comeback as the University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R) surprised a complacent University of San Carlos (USC), 3-2, for their first win in the Cebu Amateur Football Club (CAFC) 10th National Interclub at the USC field yesterday.

USJ-R is now fourth with four points, while USC dropped to fifth with three points and lost its second straight game when it had the lead.

Attack of the football mom

From Sun.Star Cebu. Original story here

ORGANIZERS of the Cebu Amateur Football Club 10th National Interclub Football Cup have a new headache to face-misbehaving parents.

A football mom of Don Bosco College reportedly got irked and confronted a player from the opposing team for getting too physical with her son during DBC's 2-0 win over Blessed John XXIII Seminary yesterday.

"A player who tried to stop the confrontation got scratches on his face," said CAFC president Glen Quisido.

Because of the confrontation, the football mom won't be able to watch her son again in the tournament.

"In our initial plan, the Don Bosco parent won't be able to go near the field again," said Quisido, who was set to meet the rest of the CAFC officers late last night to discuss the incident.

Referee Archie Reyes was also set to submit his official report last night.

Aside from banning the enraged parent from the games, Quisido has already set up other measures.

"We will cordon …

Late goals lift CAFC past USC

FORMER RP team stalwart Arnie Pasenabo towed Cebu Amateur Football Club (CAFC) to a tough 3-2 win over University of San Carlos (USC) in the 10th Interclub Invitational Tournament Men's Open at the USC field yesterday.

CAFC is now safely on top with seven points on two wins and a draw, while USC is stuck at third with three points. Doraemon, which will play last place Count FC today, is second with four points.

Keeping it perfect: Doraemon, CAFC stay undefeated

FORMER RP team member Joshua Fegidero made Cebu Amateur Football Club (CAFC) pay for their loose defense in the dying minutes. He salvaged a 1-1 draw for Doraemon in their Men’s Open match in the 10th Interclub Invitational Tournament at the University of San Carlos (USC)-Technological Center yesterday.

Fegidero, who used to coach USC, chested in Rocky Garciano’s free kick from pointblank range in their final play to stay undefeated in the six-team event.

Fair Play: Valero, the champ, couldn't face his demons

IT’S a tale most Pinoy boxing fans are familiar with.

Growing up dirt poor and without a father who left him, a young man is forced to work at a young age to help feed his family.

Fair Play: Three trees and a green monster

LAST Tuesday, I saw for myself the Green Monster that is Hole 15 at the Mactan Island Golf Club.

I’ve only been in four courses—Bacolod’s Binitin, Alta Vista, Kalsangi and Mactan—but I think it’s safe to say that that Par 3 is one of the most difficult holes anywhere.

It’s only a 150 or so yards, a distance most of the weekend players can reach with their eyes closed. Though golf is all about hitting a ball from point A to point B, it’s not all about hitting a ball.

Fair Play: There's always a next time

I LOST the Sony Ericsson contest for bloggers for the 2010 World Cup.

I finished fourth with just over a thousand votes. It could have been more but for some strange reason, a lot of folks were voting me down. Why? I don’t know. They probably thought I was No. 1 and the one who was trailing me by 100 votes had a chance to win.

I so badly wanted to turn into a virus and turn the PC of whoever was orchestrating that into useless junk.

Fair Play: Smoking out the bandints

IF YOU’RE a bandit runner, stay away from the Great Lapu-Lapu Run this Sunday.

When I first heard of the No Bandits Allowed rule, I thought the organizers were wrong.

They shouldn’t do that, especially after what happened last year.

Fair Play: Cavs feel right at home at No. 1

IT REALLY feels good to be number one.

Just go ask LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neal and the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA.

Go ask Roger Federer, too.

Fair Play: Go get 'em, Tiger

HAVE you seen the new Tiger Woods commercial?

He doesn't say anything in it. Nor does he even hit a ball.

All he does is stand there, trying to look contrite.

Quite harmless, right?

Fair Play: A little help getting to South Africa

ONE of the sentences you hear regularly these days is “Vote for me.” It’s not one of my favorites, but it’s one that we have to live with.

We can’t be a democracy without it.

Help Cheska get to the World Cup

YOUNG footballer Cheska Jane Toledo is hoping to become the first flag bearer from the Philippines in the Fifa World Cup in South Africa.

And she’s asking for help.

How? Follow this story here

The World Cup

Who'd believe it?

I'm only a few clicks away from the World Cup.

If you want to help out.

Check this link. There's a thumb's up icon on my post, which is third from the bottom.

Please click here