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Fair Play: An identity crisis

POLOMOLOK---My Running Shorts and Running Shoes are suffering from a mid-life, identity crisis.

It caught me by surprise really, I thought they were happy with the way things are so relaxed.

Fair Play: The Philippine F______ Federation

LACK of funds is the phrase you often hear from the PFF these days. The group uses this excuse so often that it won’t surprise me if Mari Martinez will start calling his organization, the Philippine F_____ Federation because they can’t afford to use the word football.

No national events for lack of funds.

Fair Play: Running in all directions

I’VE sort of promised not to write about running since that dude who looks like me signed up as a columnist. He runs regularly and is quite fast—though, I have to say, I used to run circles around him—and he knows running inside out.

But I have to take an exception this time because running is running towards a direction I
don’t like, a direction I am quite familiar with. The sport holds so much promise I hope it doesn’t end up the way football is now—which is a fraction of its former self.

Fair Play: Don't mind the Mayweathers, Manny

I SWORE not to write anything related to Floyd Mayweather (Jr. and Sr.) or Manny Pacquiao this week.

But I had to make an exception after reading Dan Wetzel’s column in Yahoo titled “Politician Pacquiao sending out a muddy message.”

Fair Play: The PFF Catalogue of Punishments

I’VE covered football for quite some time and played the game in high school but it was only during the final day of the CAFC 10th Invitational Interclub that I got a copy of the PFF’s Catalogue of Punishments.

It’s only four pages long but it’s quite compelling.

CAFC finals in fotos (last part)

All pictures taken by Dr. Joel Pascual.

CAFC finay day in fotos Part 1

Pictures taken by Dr. Joel Pascual during the CAFC 38-Above and Men's Open finals at San Roque.

Fair Play: Covering CAFC's Interclub

I MUST have lost a few pounds and turned a few degrees darker this past week.

I spent most of it covering CAFC’s 10th Interclub Invitational tournament—the only local tournament I covered by choice.

Doraemon wins CAFC Men's Open

NEW name, same result.

Doraemon, formerly known as Crazy Horse, added the Cebu Amateur Football Club (CAFC)-10th National Interclub Invitational tournament title to its hoard after a tough 4-3 win over CAFC, yesterday at the San Roque Parish field.

CAFC got the lead, twice, and even had two penalties but couldn’t pull through against Doraemon, the reigning Aboitiz Men’s Open champion.

Favorites makes finals

THEY drew the first time they met. Now, it’s winner take all.

Top teams Doraemon and Cebu Amateur Football Club (CAFC) scored identical 2-0 wins in the semifinals yesterday to meet in the finals of the CAFC 10th Interclub Invitational Tournament.

Fair Play: The Parent Trap Part 3: KO and Slash

WHEN, you say, did Parts 1 and 2 come out?

Well, it was a long time ago and they came out in my blog. I wrote Part 1 half-wasted and it elicited so many comments I was seeing libel suits in my coffee. I deleted it the morning after and only the tamer Part 2 was left.

What’s a Parent Trap?