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The Project

We’ve all been caught in a traffic jam, once or twice a day, and wished why won’t anybody obey the rules of the road? Why can’t red mean stop once in awhile.

We’ve all had our say, and sometimes, we took that just little bit of leeway to gain an inch, deny another motorist. Or sometimes, we cheered while the driver finally decided to beat the red light, or drive the opposite lane (I know I did).

We’ve had our say.

We’ve all been in this situation before. Once or twice a tournament, we curse the imbeciles of our FAs. They should do this, they should do that. Why are they doing that?

We’ve had our say.

Now is the time to “have our act.”

It’s called The Project.

Donate. Give. Act. Do.

Whatever you can.

It’s not simply about money. I don’t have any. You’ve got books, DVDs, used spikes, magazines—anything football.

If you don’t have any of these, don’t fret. If you're good with computer skills, go check out all the Philippine football videos at youtube, edit it, put it in one DVD. Some kid…

The Fifa jump

The Associated Press ran a story today, about Argentina solidifying its hold of the top spot of the Coca Cola World Rankings over Brazil.

Then at the bottom part of the story, it mentioned, this month's biggest jumper is the Philippines, up 19 places to 170.

To be honest, I looked a bit like a crazy dude to be raising his arms, like Rocky, in a quite newsroom, while whispering Yes!

The experience

Philippine football’s presence, in the internet, was pretty much as rare as football’s presence in Philippine media.

Then came along and gathered the fans.  The site was basically just a forum, a place where fans gather. The influence of that forum shall forever be felt with the name Azkals, as it was in that forum that the name was coined.

Then came along.  The site gave and continues to give what lacked, football news, columns, updates and of course—the forum.

It can’t be denied that Philippine football is growing, the national team is finding success in the international arena, we are the whipping boys of Southeast Asia no more.

Thanks to the Fil-foreigners.  Thanks to the fans, thank to THE fan.

For it was THE fan, as the story goes, who “discovered” the Younghusbands of Chelsea, from of all things, a PC game. That fan alerted the PFF and the rest, as the cliché goes, is history.

That fan and others like him, is what define Pinoy footb…

SRFC Girls rule Bacolod Uriarte Cup

THE San Roque Football Club Girls 17-team overcame some sloppy work in a penalty shootout to rule the 4th Gus Uriarte Memorial Football Festival in Bacolod City last weekend.

Coached by Eleazer Toledo, the 12-girl team finished unscathed in the elimination round before facing San Carlos City in the semifinals.

The team, bannered by Monica and Maritoni Trebol, Renee Songalia, Jackie Ting, Elsie Ann Juezan, Angeli Ruete, KC Catarenen, Shandra Gail Colina, Cheska Jane Toledo, Ayana Gaitera, Maricris Tira–do and Aleli Mejias, found itself trailing 1-0 in the first eight minutes.

Ting equalized a few minutes after an impressive first touch allowed her to redirect Songalia’s cross to force the extension. After a scoreless extension, the match went to shootout and San Roque seemed headed to an early exit as Ruete’s brilliance between the posts was matched by futility

by Songalia, Mari–toni and Juezan, who all missed their penalties.
In the sudden-death shootout, Monica, who earned the MVP, conver…

The CebuFA database

After a year’s absence, the Aboitiz Cup will be back, or so said the new CebuFA board.

Good news is, the new board will retain the two divisions for the Men’s Open, while there will be new age groups for Girls Football.

Now the question is, with the recent reshuffling of the teams in the Men’s Open, how will they determine which one gets to play in which division?

Also, this year, the CebuFA will finally take on the registration of individuals for its database.

But this P100 per head is sure going to raise a lot of questions (at least I will).

I may be wrong but there could be at least, a thousand players (more if we consider all the individuals involved in football) in Cebu where does the money go?

As to these database. I’m not such a big fan with how the CebuFA handled the data in their first tournament (Yes the Inter Club was officially a Queen City-organized event, but it still WAS a CebuFA event), will this new database be anything different?

Will these be just scraps or pieces of paper…