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Why the PFF should defy the PSC

TELL me, must one sport pay for the capriciousness of one man? Must 60 players--men's U23, women's and the futsal teams—pay because one guy wants to send a message?

That's the case of the Philippine football teams, who, as of now, are being barred by the Philippine Sports Commission from participating in the Southeast Asian Games because they have a snowball's chance in hell in winning a medal.

But the thing is, that's not the case.  Since 2001, when the PSC started crying, "we don't have money to send all teams to the SEA Games," it has always been, "If you want to play, then pay for it."

Fair Play: Basketball gets boost, what about others?

SO APPARENTLY, despite a pre-season tournament and a season that starts a month early than the rest of the other events, there is a “glaring need” for more games in Cesafi basketball.

So this year, there will be a single round elimination, a quarter final round and a double round robin semifinal round. Which means the season would be longer than usual.

With the rivalry of powerhouse University of the Visayas and Southwestern University getting another chapter, that longer season won’t really be such a bad thing.

Fair Play: Dear PSC: Do, or do not. There is no try

In the AFC Asian Women's Cup qualifiers, the Philippine national women's team routed Iran (6-0) and Bangladesh (4-0) and lost a close one to Thailand, 1-0, for one of its best showing ever in an international tournament.

Early this month, an under-strenghth U23 squad also lost a close one to regional powerhouse Singapore, 1-0, in a friendly played in the Lion City.

With some five months to go before the Southeast Asian Games, our football teams are doing well.

Unless of course, you are the Philippine Sports Commission.

Why the PSC should allow PFF to field teams in SEA Games

BACK in 2001, the PFF was excited for the Southeast Asian Games as it felt the change in format--Under 23 players-- meant a better showing for the Philippines.

But then the PSC played the spoilsport and said it won't send a football team in the competition because the Philippines' chances of winning a medal was nil.

Fair Play: Conversations with Coach Weiss

I HATE the term full-bloodied. I hate it when they use that,” Coach Michael Weiss told me during a dinner at Ricky Dakay’s house last Tuesday.

Weiss was in Cebu to donate some 250 balls to 11 football clubs as part of his prize as one of the finalists for the German Football Ambassador award.

I had the flu so I missed the press con but I managed to join him for dinner, where we got to talk.  That was when he raised his dislike for the term, which often comes up in the questions he has to face when it comes to team selection.

Fair Play: Coach Weiss has this club's full support

AS ONE of the finalists for the German Football Ambassador search, coach Michael Weiss got to choose the beneficiary of the football equipment from Germany and he choose the Cebu Football Association, which in turn chose 12 local clubs.

Why Cebu?

Fair Play: UFL refs under the spotlight again

AFTER the PFF Adidas Under 19 national finals in Cebu in 2004, I joined a few refs in a post-tournament liquid meal.

What I learned when their tongues got loose was surprising--they can, could and would favor a team if they want to. And they'd get away with it, too.

Fair Play: A crazy finish to UFL title chase

LAST year, Kaya FC watched helplessly from the stands as Global FC bagged the UFL title with a draw against the Loyola Meralco Sparks in its final game in the season and I think that bitter memory was still fresh in Kaya’s mind when it took on Global again last Thursday night.

Global needed a win to keep its title retention bid alive, while Kaya was already out of it and was a sure fourth-placer with 31 points behind third-placer Meralco, Global and Stallion.

The other significant football match

ONE of the most important matches for Philippine football this year will be held today in Singapore, with our U23 team taking on the host's U23 squad in a first of a series of friendly that will test our country's preparation for the Southeast Asian Games.

There are still some five months to go until the SEAG kicks off and though while we still started late compared to our neighbors, this is the earliest preparation for a SEAG campaign that I can remember.  The 2005 squad--which had Chris Greatwich, Phil and James Younghusband, Aly Borromeo--had a camp in China about two months before the event and came closest to replicating the acheivement of the 1991 team.

Fair Play: Bombarinas fall victim to sports politics?

A FEW months ago, Southwestern University standouts Raphril Aguilar and Danica Gendrauli made the cut for the Philippine National Volleyball team during a series of tryouts conducted by Vangie de Jesus in Cebu.

The squad also has taken to calling itself the Bombarinas, in an effort to market itself effectively. Now, the two are on the outside looking in, victims of the malaise that is hitting the PVF.

Fair Play: Playing the numbers game

Sportswriters love stats and some of those who really know what they are doing can bat out significant ones on the fly, while some can spot intriguing stats after checking their notes or memory.

And last Saturday, thanks to these writers, I learned that Maria Sharapova has lost 12 straight matches to Serena Williams going into the French Open finals.  And I kind of thought no. 13 wasn’t far off when the defending champion was down love 40 on her serve in the first game.  But she saved all four breakpoints then converted on the lone breakpoint she got to go up 2-0.

Fair play: Call-ups to the national team a sham?

IT DIDN’T generate as much reaction, but for me, one of the most controversial statements I’ve heard lately was one made by Monchu Garcia of the Green Archers United to writer and TV commentator Bob Guerrero.

Garcia said, “The so called ‘call-ups to the Azkal team have been shams all along to make it look like they are scouting new players when in fact, it’s the same old boys club.  The worst part is that many of these players with potential are giving up on their dream to play for their country.”

Fair Play: Fiba Asia, revenge of the Pinoy sports fans?

FIRST there was the case of defending champion Smart Gilas, whose invitation to the the Jones Cup was rescinded and now this, Pinoy fans--women and children—getting harassed after the Philippines beat the Hong Kong, 1-0, for the first time.

After the match, reporter Cedelf Tupas, Pinoy fans Andi Sia, Ida Torres and Ysabel Villalfor--who all traveled to Hong Kong for the match—sent out various tweets reporting the harassment they were getting from some of the rude Hong Kong fans.  According to them, they were throwing water bottles at the women and children, booing the national anthem, gave us the middle finger salute, brought up the hostage incident in 2010, grabbed Andi’s scarf, and other shenanigans like that.

Fair Play: Will Cebu get the Azkals friendly?

WHEN I asked Cebu Football Association secretary general Joey Herrera during the final day of the AFC President's Cup last month what the next hosting gig for Cebu was, he said the June 8 hosting was unlikely.

But he did say that the Philippine Football Federation was negotiating for a friendly against India in September and now that the football association of India have announced a friendly with the Philippines on Sept. 6--a Fifa international friendly date--it seems that's a sure thing.