Friday, June 21, 2013

Why the PSC should allow PFF to field teams in SEA Games

BACK in 2001, the PFF was excited for the Southeast Asian Games as it felt the change in format--Under 23 players-- meant a better showing for the Philippines.

But then the PSC played the spoilsport and said it won't send a football team in the competition because the Philippines' chances of winning a medal was nil.

I remember I managed call one of the commissioners of the PSC and he said, "If the PFF wants to send a team, they'll have to spend for it."

We failed to field a team to two SEA Games because of that, ending our absence only when we hosted it in 2005.  Most members of that 2005 team, which came close to making the semis, were eligible for the 2007 edition, some even, like Phil Younghusband, for 2009.  We skipped those too.

And now that the PFF can afford to send a team there's another change of policy in the PSC?

Only those who can assure themselves of a gold or silver will be sent, even if the NSA can afford to send them. Look for a definition of crazy in an online dictionary and you'll probably be redirected to the office of the PSC.

The Philippines U23 team, which by the way, is in the thick of preparations for the SEA games, has become a victim of the publicity hounds at the PSC and POC.

Yes, it is what it is.

A publicity stunt.

You see, it's all about a message the PSC and POC want to send.  They are displeased with how Myanmar is handling the hosting and as a sign of protest, they want to send a lean delegation.  I agree, Myanmar's conduct is foul.  In a couple of articles, I wrote that what Myanmar is doing is like akin to the Philippines 10 more divisions and a gay division in boxing, the 3-on-3, 1-on-1, Horse, onse-onse, slam-dunk, three-point contest and a gay division in basketball, just to win more medals. (Check Why PHL should boycott SEA Games and Host’s hold over events make SEAG nutty)

But I disagree with PSC's mode of protest.  It should be all or nothing.  If the PSC and POC really want to express its disgust, then by all means let's boycott this year's SEA Games.

But now that that the PSC and POC has decided to send a delegation, then by all means let's send those who should and who can.

For team contests, the PSC has allowed those who can pay for their trip to join the SEA Games. (Which, of course, makes you ask, what's the function of the PSC again? Is it not supposed to handle all national teams? Not just the sure medalist?)

Now, the government agency that wants to get rid of Rizal Memorial Stadium, wants to stop the PFF from sending a team to the SEAG even if the NSA can afford it?  At this time when football interest is at an all-time high and just a few months after the PSC chairman and commissioners went to Latin America  to look for contacts who could supposedly help our grassroots program?  For a cash-strapped government agency, the PSC sure travels a lot.


And I hope we are going to have our football teams in the SEA Games. Because if that won't happen, we're going to have a new PSC chairman soon.

And I'll bet my left nut on that.

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