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Who gets to go to San Francisco?

The Greater Cebu Sports Organizing Committee is planning to send a football team to the International Children's Games in San Francisco this July.

The target? The Cebu City Under-15 team that won the Philippine Olympic Festival last year.

The catch?  The ICG only features a six-a-side tournament, the whole team can't go.

Like I said, who gets to go to San Francisco?

The CebuFA non elections

Much has been said about the failed CebuFA elections last Feb. 23 and seven people are now in an ad hoc committee to determine the qualification of members and the conduct of elections.

I didn't get to attend that meeting, but I have a few questions.

What were they thinking?

I am no constitutional expert, but if a class wants to hold an election, shouldn't the whole class be present?  I really don't understand why the coaches, and members weren't invited and why they had to resort to a text-brigade the night before to barge into the meeting, forcing the formation of the ad hoc committee.

If the coaches hadn't barged in, would the elections have pushed through? And would the new set of officers be accepted by the community?

More Prisaa pictures

Here are a few more pictures from the Prisaa regional finals. Any of you got pictures of the Thirsty Cup, throw them here.

All pics are from Dr. JP.

Prisaa in pictures

Here are a few pictures of the recent Prisaa finals between the University of San Jose-Recoletos and Negros.

USJ-R won and will represent Cebu in the national Prisaa games.

Pictures courtesy of Dr. JP

CebuFA elections

The Cebu Football Association will be holding their elections on Feb. 23, 1 p.m. somewhere near Maria Luisa.

Who wins? Who gets to vote? How do they vote? Tune in for the juicy details, later.

A surprising good news

With the Thirsty Cup over, the next gathering of football fans in Cebu will be on...

Hmm...let me see..

Aboitiz Age Group? No.

Aboitiz Men's League? No.

There are the pocket tournaments at Don Bosco, but because of the distance, I can't really get to watch the game.

Now here comes a surprise.

Out of the blue I got a call that a company is offering use of their field for a football fiesta. It's in Banawa, a 2,000 square meter pitch.

Anyone interested?  Contact me and I'll give you the details.

The Thirsty solution

The ongoing Thirsty Cup has partially quenched Cebu's appetite for football and has showed that Cebu really needs a bigger pitch--a football only pitch--now.

The rains has rendered the field muddy and with hundreds of players walking to and from the pitch, the mud has been transferred to the rubber oval, which is in an equally sad (if not sadder) state than the field.

Again, football festivals may bring the "fiesta" atmosphere to football but it still can't compare to the full 11-a-side match. Still 15-minute games is a whole lot better than waiting for a Cup that wouldn't come.

Still, here is a wish list for the next Thirsty Cup.