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Another fraud (?)


a post by ronaldo in the site, click above link

This serves as a warning for those who has been contacted by Paul Weiler, who is soliciting money from international and local companies supposedly for Philippine Football.

Paul Weiler has been exposed as having NO OFFICIAL function for the CebuFA. He is not authorize to represent, speak for, and solicit for the CebuFA. The website is not owned and managed by the CebuFA and evrything posted there is posted by Paul Weiler.

Furthermore, Alegria town officials has denied knowing any Paul Weiler, who has claimed that he is doing social, sports, and charity work for the town.

For the good and the advancement of the sport, consider yourself warned.

A summary.
He claimed and still claims to be the CebuFA manager.
Denied by Jonathan Maximo, president of the CebuFA.

He claims to be the FCIC manager.
Denied by Manfred Schuwerk of…

The Big Question.

Its only 14 days before the World Cup starts, for those who don't have enough moolah to shell out for PPVs, or satellites feeds, or entrace fee and ladies' drinks to certain "discrete" bars that show the games.

Where the hell can we watch the World Cup here in Cebu?

Thirsty Inter Call Center Day One

PEOPLESUPPORT and Sykes B went undefeated in the first day to take a share of the lead in the Thirsty Inter Call Center Football Tournament at the SVD field.

Sykes B, led by captain David de Madrazo, defeated sister team, Sykes A, 1-0 on Glen Escarayon's lone goal, and then fought to a scoreless draw against Peoplesupport for their 1-1 win-draw record.

Escarayon tapped in a pass from Cloyd Golez, who has played for Negros in the Adidas Under-19 national finals, for the lone goal of the match.

Aside from Madrazo, other members of the Sykes B team are Aurelio Quidlat, Tim Cunanan, Cloyd Golez, Emman Rivera, Mark Lyndon Limpag, Vince Rendon, Josephe Ray Vasquez, Kenneth Agreda, Mark Yap and Marlu Martinez.

On the other hand, Peoplesupport kept things interesting after scoring a 1-0 win over Sykes A, to take a share of the number one spot on one win and a draw.

Sykes A is at last place with two losses. Sykes A members are Ivan Palatolon, Arthur Pe…

SHS-J bags two crowns in San Carlos City

COMPETING in their first tournament in football manic San Carlos City, the Eagles United/Sacred Heart School-Jesuit made it two-for-two as their two teams bagged the titles in their respective categories in the San Carlos City Summer Football Festival.

It was sweet change for the Sacred Heart boys, after bagging semifinal finishes in the Thirsty Cup 2006 and the GTZ Cup this year.

"At the start of the tournament, they seemed nervous and tense during the elimination round," said Dondon Ramos, a parent of one of the SHS-J players.

In the 10-under finals, SHS-J blanked Bais City, 2-0, on goals from Don Darren Ramos and Pedro Diao.

"Dia is the top scorer in the division. If they handed out MVP awards, he will surely win it," Ramos said.

It was a similar one-sided affair in the 8-under as Sacred Heart defeated Kids United of San Carlos City, 4-1, on goals by Matthew Reyes and Isagani Fernandez.

"Fernandez is a very good player," Ramos said.

The two teams were coache…

Palaro Pics

Finally here are the Palaro weeks. This post was delayed due to a lot of circumstances not really beyond the blogger's control. (hehehe)

GTZ Pics


I'm a year older

As of an hour or so ago, I am now, 27 years old.

Last year, I witnessed the Seag and played one 15-minute of football.

Two years ago, I joined and backed out after the first game, a tournament in Don Bosco. My belated apologies to the organizers.

Three years ago, I was drunk for half the year. I was carrying placards in front of the police regional camp and got a rather lovely letter from my school's students affair office.

Four years ago, I got back in college.

Five years ago, I dropped out of college, and tried to find the answer to the question -- is there life after death -- prematurely.

Six years ago, I got back in journalism.

Seven years ago, I was in the height of activism, until someone I know, got bullet holes.

Eight years ago, a certain white crystaline substance was my constant companion. I got kicked out of Engineering.

Nine years ago, I got into media.

Ten years ago, I arrived in Cebu. Got on the dean's list for the college of Engineering.

Eleven years ago, I played my la…


I got some Palaro and GTZ pics, however, the blogger photo link is down. I will upload them shortly.

The GTZ questions; the CebuFA program

Most questions are regarding the GTZ support and how much it has given.

Read not the personalities behind the issues (Of course, there are a few posts, which you have to consider that) but consider the issues raised.

I would have wanted to raise a few replies, but the drink in my hand, and plus the fact that I can't seem to put a coherent thought together says I shouldnt.

So here's the gist, rather, the chat.

23 May 06, 19:49
ronaldo: priority nila?ambot unsa-the program should be the priority-not profitng frm festivals.

23 May 06, 19:47
ronaldo: until that happens,cebuffotball wil stay in the doldrums-popular but non-progressive.

23 May 06, 19:47
metatron: i suppose mao na ilang gikabusyhan

23 May 06, 19:47
metatron: so that must be the reason nga wala pay program. on the other hand, unsa man ang priority sa CebuFA karon?

23 May 06, 19:46
ronaldo: sakto lagi,kahinganlan suportado sa tanan,bt the problem is wala pa man dyud na sugdi.

23 May 06, 19:45
metatron: mao na nga dapat solid ang pro…

GTZ Cup winners

PLAYERS-8 DIVISION (boys/girls born 1998 & above)
4v4 NG (max 7 players/team)

1. San Roque FC - A
2. San Roque FC - B
3. M Lhuillier Canduman
4. Don Bosco College - Black
5. Don Bosco College - Brown
6. Springdale
7. Asian Shipping

Champion: SAN ROQUE FC - A
Most Valuable Player: LAWRENCE COLINA (San Roque FC - A)

PLAYERS-10 DIVISION (boys/girls born 1996 & above)
5v5 (max 8 players/team)

1. FC Inter Cebu
2. Sacred Heart Jesuit - A
3. Sacred Heart Jesuit - B
4. San Roque FC
5. M Lhuillier Canduman - A
6. M Lhuillier Canduman - B
7. M Lhuillier Canduman - C
8. Asian Shipping
9. Ateneo de Manila - A
10. Ateneo de Manila - B
11. Don Bosco College - Blue
12. Don Bosco College - White
13. Don Bosco College - Red
14. Springdale

Most Valuable Player: YVES CABALLERO (Don Bosco College - Red)

BOYS-12 DIVISION (boys bo…

Springdale, Queen City nails "firsts"

PAREF-Springdale and Queen City United bagged their first titles in their respective division yesterday in the one-day GTZ World Cup Football Festival at the San Roque Parish football field.

Springdale defeated Cebu International School (CIS), 1-0, to take the Boys' Under-17 division, a title held by CIS in the four previous festivals, while Queen City United defeated San Roque FC by the same score to take the Men's Open crown, previously ruled by Hiroshi FC, Don Bosco FC and Airforce.

It was a tough loss for CIS, led by Mike Sharpe, Red Miguel and Paolo Cases, as they defeated the other Paref team in a tough shoot-out in the semifinals.

Red had the two winning plays in the sudden death shootout as he first stopped keeper Paolo Pascual's final shot to preserve the draw, and then banged in his game winner past Pascual to send his team to the finals.

However, in the finals, a costly error by Red cost CIS the title.

Red failed to secure the ball off a high cross from Blui Arriola…

The Internet Thieves

THIS pseudo cebufa website, which has long been disowned by the Cebu Football Association has been stealing entries from this blog and from other Pinoy football websites, without bothering to acknowledge the source.

This internet thieves, led by Paul Weiler, the German national who claimed to be an official of the CebuFa but has long since been denied, copy posts from this blog, and from other internet forums and post them in that pseudo-CebuFa forum.

Stealing other people's opinions and works.

Of course, Mr Weiler, who also claims to be an official of FC Inter Cebu, but has also been kicked out of the club, is a fan of transparency and fair play.

You will notice that these thieves use lots of identities at the forum, yet their mannerisms, replies and thievery are the same -- which proves that only one man is behind those identities -- and subsequently -- the thieft.

GTZ World Cup festival in Cebu

BEFORE the summer officially ends, footballers in Cebu can get to enjoy their sport for one more day in the GTZ World Cup Festival at the San Roque Parish football field on May 21.

The one-day festival will offer competion for the Players 8, Players 10, Boys and Girls 12, Boys and Girls 17, Men's and Ladies' Open and the Men's 36-above category.

Registration fee for the youth teams is P300 and P500 for the senior teams.

"Slots are limited because the sponsors want to make it a one-day festivals with as many age groups as possible. We can't have many teams because we can only use five pitches at San Roque," said Cebu Football Association president Jonathan Maximo.

Aside from the medals and trophies to the winners, the sponsors will also hand out giveaways about the world cup.

"I don't have the details yet but they are coming up with a pakulo to promote Germany and the World Cup," Maximo said.

According to the CebuFA president 60 teams have so far regi…

How to stop Palaro Cheating

From Sun.Star Cebu

In an effort to end age cheating in the Palarong Pambansa, the Department of Education will impose new eligibility rules next year.

Len Toledo, Palarong Pambansa task force leader, said current eligibility rules need to be upgraded.

“We have to re-write the eligibiity rules,” said Toledo.

Although, Toledo did not mention the possible changes, he said the 21-man screening committee will set down to discuss the revision.

Some coaches, however, suggested that it would be better for the Palarong Pambansa to disallow photocopies of athletes’ birth certificates.

“That’s where mostly the problem was. But for us in Central Visayas werequire original birth certificates authenticated by the local civil registrar,” said Alberto Mangaran, records head of the Central Visayas Regional Athletic Association.

For Norlto Tolop, athletics coach of the Bicol Region, any discrepancies can easily be detect…

Don Bosco bags Palaro title

PLAYING in their very first Palarong Pambansa, the Don Bosco College led elementary Central Visayas Athletic Association team withstood strong odds and the hometown crowd to take the title over Bicol, 1-0.

It wasn't an easy run for the Bosconians, coached by Joselito "Babot" Bono and Rommel Ramirez, as they had to play three games yesterday.

The defeated Southern Tagalog by a shoot out to arrange a rematch against Bicol, who also defeated the Bosconians via shootout last Friday to earn the twice-to-beat advantage.

In the first game, goalkeeper Leonard Francis Tan led the Bosconians to a 3-2 win to arrange the rubber-match, the third game for DBC in just under six-hours.

Aside from Tan, other members of the team are DBC's John Daniel Caballero, Charles Caballes, Jericho Christian Noel, Rikko De Guzman (team captain), Miko Limalima, Peter Hendrick Ricamora, Andrew Sid Tabar, Miguel Caindec, James Eric Nacorda, Ethan Decena, Vincent Gealon, and reinforcements Prince Antony …

DBC in the finals

The Don Bosco College led elementary cviraa Squad are a step away from winning the title. They are on the finals as of this writing, and let's hope they win both games to bring home the bacon.

Bay ronaldo, can you post the names of the boys here?

The 18-year-old Elementary athlete

BARRING anymore CR-prone or blind referees, 17-year-old elementary students, or any of the foul-ups that is normal of a Department of Education (Ironic isn’t it?) organized sports event – the Don Bosco College led Cviraa elementary football team is poised to win a Palarong Pambansa title.

DBC, which features some players who are already big for their age-group in Cebu, faced bigger foes in the Palaro and beat them.

In the process, earning twice-to-beat incentive in the finals and an even valuable lesson – you can’t question your opponent’s age since – according to DepEd logic – approve na sa ilang region.

The high school team on the other hand, is on an uphill and hazardous climb. If they are to win the Palaro title, they must all play and win three games today.

You read that right. Three football matches in a day. Of course, since the vanguard for our children’s education – that’s DepEd, not friendster – is concerned with the health of the youth. They have graciously accommodated in …

Davao spoils Cebu title hopes

IT seems Davao relishes in spoling Cebu's national title dreams in football.

Davao City booted out Cebu in the Philippine Football Federation National Women's U17 championships in San Carlos City, 3-1, in their final Group A match at San Carlos City yesterday.

Cebu only needed a draw to advance to the semifinals, however, the loss handed Davao the top spot in the Group, with two wins and a draw for seven points. Cebu has six points.

Only the top team in each of the three groups and the second best ranked team will advance to the final four.

Davao, which defeated Cebu, 5-0, to win the national ladies' open crown last year, took the lead in the 14th, after Gabi Mercado bungled a penalty shot in the 12th.

Cebu managed to equalized in the 17th but Davao, which also defeated Cebu in the Adidas Men's Under-19 finals in Cebu two years ago, took the upperhand again.

After another bungled penalty for a potential equalizer in the 31st, Davao put on a two goal cushion to end Cebu'…

Palaro update

The Don Bosco College led elementary team scored a 3-0 win over Cagayan Valley to debut in style in the 2006 Palarong Pambansa in Naga City.

On the other hand, the Abellana National School led secondary team was not as lucky as they dropped a close, 0-1, loss to Region 4.

A parent of one player has attributed the loss to first-game jitters while Ronaldo -- our resident expert at Cebufootball.blogspot -- reported "Region 4 played with more discipline even if they were less skilled.they obviously followed a game plan. Cviraa again depended on the longball."

The elementary team will next take on Romblon, who defeated Region 6, while the secondary team has improved in its second game, "Nakalitan ra dyud ang juniors nato sa first game.Nindot na ang duwa nila karon kay naa nay passing.Don't know if they will meet region 6 (Iloilo/Negros) sa eliminations."

Go Cebu!

Cebu beats Bukidnon, 2-1

Group A W D L P GD
Cebu 2 - - 6 +6
Davao 1 1 - 4 +11
Bukidnon - 1 1 1 -1
Masbate - - 2 0 -16

Group B

Iloilo 1 1 - 4 +7
Negros Oriental 1 1 4 +6
Iligan 1 - 1 0 -6
South Cotabato - - 1 0 -7

Group C (no details)
Cagayan de Oro
Negros Occidental

CEBU moved a step closer to a semifinal berth after defeating Bukidnon, 2-1, in the Philippine Football Federation Girls-17 National Championships at San Carlos City yesterday.

Led by players from the Cebu International School, Cebu now holds the top spot of Group A with two wins, with Davao second with a win and a draw. They will next face Davao, which scored an 11-0 rout over Masbate yesterday, in their final match today.

Meanwhile, it's not only with their skills in the pitch that Cebu is getting attention as the team, which have reinforcements from Sacred Heart School for Girls, Paref South Crest and San Roque, got the "eye of the officials and fans" for their mestiza looks.

According to Cebu Football Association president Jonat…

Cebu whips Masbate, 5-0

Group A W D L P GD
Cebu 1 - - 3 +5
Davao - 1 - 1 0
Bukidnon - 1 - 1 0
Masbate - - 1 0 -5

Group B

Iloilo 1 - - 3 +7
Negros Oriental 1 - 3 +6
South Cotabato - - 1 0 -6
Iligan - - 1 0 -7

Group C
Cagayan de Oro
Negros Occidental

PLAYING in their very first game as a team the Cebu City Girls 17 team showed perfect form and passing as they whipped Masbate, 5-0, in the Philippine Football Federation National Women's U17 championships at San Carlos City yesterday.

The team, bannered by the Cebu International School, now holds the temporary lead in Group A, after Davao and Bukidnon fought to a 3-3 draw in the other Group A match.

"They played very well today, the midfielders are really working. We also had more th…

Cebu ladies go for national titl

AFTER the senior team faltered last year, the hopes of bagging a national title rests on 18 young Cebuanas as Cebu opens its bid in the Philippine Football Federation National Women's Under-17 Championships in San Carlos City.

The team is led by mainstays from the Cebu International School, led by the diminutive but fiery Gabi Mercado, who is also the team captain, and coached by Eleazar Toledo and Dexter Arrojado.

"The team is ready, we have been practicing everyday for the past five weeks," said Toledo.

Cebu is in Group A together with Masbate, Bukidnon and Davao, whose senior women's team whipped Cebu, 5-0, to take the national title in home turf last year.

"I can't really gauge our chances since this is a new category and we haven't played a team from Bukidnon or Masbate. Though we have played against Davao, it was in the Under-19 category," Toledo said.

Other members of the team are Mia Arcenas, Merrille Watson, Presley Cunningham, Danika Ronquillo…

3 Paref players make national team

CEBU's age-group football powerhouse Paref-Springdale added another feather to its growing cap after three of its players were named to the Philippine National 14-Under team.

Kevin Tecson, Evanjames Mendoza and goalkeeper Joshua Cruz will represent the country in the Asian Football Confederation's U14 Festival of Football in Malaysia on May 29 to June 4.

The three got the stint after joining the tryouts conducted by national coach John Carmona last month and also surived the two-week training in Bago City.

The three players were also part of the Springdale team that won the Red Ribbon Under-14 title last March, with Tecson bagging the best midfielder award and Mendoza finishing second in the Best Striker race. Cruz was Paolo Pascual's substitute keeper.

Tecson, who is on his second stint with the national team, and Mendoza got the early call to join the training pool, while Cruz joined them a few days later in Bago City after Carmona saw the need for another goal keeper.

From …

Bacolod Cebu Inter Club, QCU takes third place

BEING one of the “oldest” players in the 6th Cebu Inter Club Invitational Tournament doesn’t mean also being the “slowest” for former national team mainstay Norman Fegidero as he led Bacolod City to a 2-0 win over Don Bosco College (DBC) in the Men’s Open finals yesterday at the University of San Carlos-Technological Center field.

The 36-year-old striker also bested players in the early 20s for the Best Striker award, scoring five goals in the tournament.

It was the fourth bridesmaid finish for DBC, who played minus five key players yesterday, while the West Negros College-manned Bacolod bagged their second Cebu title in three years.

“We won in 2003, and this is the best feeling, to come back as champions,” Fegidero said.

They were not able to defend their crown and Fegidero is hoping they can return next year to defend their crown. Queen City’s Richard Montayre also gamely asked them whether they will return next year before handing the trophy and the P45,000 cash prize.

Fegidero came …

DDS tames Queen City

THE Queen City United ladies team came into the 6th Cebu Inter Club Invitational Tournament Ladies Open at the University of San Carlos Technological Center as the defending champion.

Seventy minutes later, they were “lucky” to just lose by one goal to D’ Davao Survivors (A good word-play -- if not intimidating – on the Davao Death Squad)

From the first whistle it was clear to the handful of souls, who managed to get lost and found themselves at the venue, who was the better team.

When Queen City ran, the DDS ran faster; when they passed, Davao intercepted and passed more accurately; when they took a shot, DDS took five, or more.

Davao’s Analou Ingles, Ellen Cuizon and Rachelle delos Reyes had QCU’s Carmel Openiano scrambling for saves, while the Davao goal keeper – thanks to defender Merlou Albano – was barely involved in the game.

At times, it seems Lady luck – or the lack of finesse of the Davao strikers – helped QCU. A few mad scrambles resulted to no goals, while delos Reyes hit a po…

Queen City meets Davao in Ladies' finals today

Don Bosco College 4 - 1 12 +8
Bacolod City 4 - 1 12 +7
Hiroshi FC 3 1 1 10 +5
Queen City 2 1 2 7 +5
Foundation U 1 - 3 3 -6
Ormoc - - 4 0 -13

HOST Queen City United set up an exciting rematch with Davao City in the 6th Cebu Inter Club Ladies' Open after hurdling separate foes in the semifinal round yesterday at University of San Carlos-Technological Center.

Queen City, which lost to Davao, 5-0, in the National Women's Open last year, outlasted Ladies Football Club-CD0, 2-1, while D' Davao Survivors blanked Mulbachs, 2-0.

"Davao has two players who played for a club in Singapore," veteran referee Randy Estremos said.

Meanwhile, in the men's side, Queen City will face top-ranked Don Bosco College in the first semifinal before Bacolod City tangles with defending champio…

Controversies hound Inter Club

Don Bosco College3 - 1 9 +5
Hiroshi FC 3 - 1 9 +5
Bacolod City 3 - 1 9 +4
Queen City 2 - 2 6 +5
Foundation U 1 - 3 3 -6
Ormoc - - 4 0 -13

NON-APPEARANCES and a controversy hounded the 6th Cebu Inter Club Invitational Tournament at the University of San Carlos-Technological Center.

The Don Bosco College 38-above men's team got stripped of their chance to play in the finals against Ormoc after organizers decided that one of their players, Genard Aller, was not eligible to play in the division.

However, the decision did not sit well with Neil Montesclaros and DBC as they were informed of the decision just minutes before the final was to start.

The penalty gave Queen City the right to face Ormoc, and the …

Bacolod racks up third win

Bacolod City 3 - - 9 +5
Hiroshi FC 2 - 1 6 +4
Don Bosco College 2 - 1 6 +2
Queen City 1 - 2 3 +2
Foundation U 1 - 2 3 -3
Ormoc - - 3 0 -10

BACOLOD City solidified their hold of the number one spot with a hard-earned 3-2 win over Don Bosco College (DBC) - FFC, while defending champion Hiroshi FC blanked Foundation University, 3-0, in the yesterday's 6th Cebu Inter Club Invitational Tournament Men's Open at the University of San Carlos – Technological Center.

The West Negros College-manned Bacolod now hold the number one spot with nine points, on a 3-0 mark, while Hiroshi dislodged DBC at second on goal difference.

DBC paid dearly for their loose markings on the defensive end as Rober…