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Etiquette for football parents

I'm no father to a football player, though I may understand the feelings of a parent vis-a-vis their athlete child, but allow me some inputs.

1.) cheer, don't taunt.

There's a difference. Nobody will care if you come with your drum and bugle corps to cheer your team, or you use the loudest fog horn to cheer a goal.

But mind you, if your team is losing bu (n) goals to none, please don't go around screaming,

"Paspas sila mudagan, kay mga snatchers man na,"

2.) There is no place for "boos."

you are watching a bunch of kids playing football, and in football,players normally push each other out, to get to the ball. Bellowing out a "boo" that can be heard all over the field is counterproductive.

3.) If you don't understand the game nor know the rules: SHUT UP!!!

4.) Winning is not everything, its how you played the game.

Happy Birthday Totot

Sorry tot, wala ko kalugar.

May the beer flow, as it did in your first 20-something years.

Go football!

DBC, Pepito score routs

AFTER having its game cut short by a downpour last Saturday, the juggernaut Don Bosco College A vented its ire on a hapless FC Inter Lapu-Lapu, 11-0, during its debut in the Aboitiz 12-Under Cup at the San Roque Parish field yesterday.

DBC A’s erstwhile debut against Bright Academy was cut short halfway into the first half after the heavy downpour rendered the field unplayable.

“I think it (Saturday’s matches) will be played in the final day,” said Sherwin Rodriguez of the Cebu Football Association.

DBC, the defending champion and this year’s Palarong Pambansa title holder, seemed impatient to start with a win yesterday as Chino Dela Calzada struck the first goal with barely a minute in.

FC Inter, which also lost 9-0 against Cebu International School last week, had a reprieve of sorts as their defense managed to hold DBC’s for the next 13 minutes.

However, the wily Miguel Caindec, who won the division’s MVP award in last month’s Aboitiz Fiesta, broke the impasse with back to back goals in …

Mother Nature plays spoilsport

The heavy rains spoiled the debut of defending champions Don Bosco College yesterday, cutting short the match between DBC A(?) and Bright.

Hopefully, it will be a sunny Sunday.


It will be interesting to note, how DBC divided its teams for the U12.

Easy wins for Bright, CIS in Aboitiz U12

THE Cebu International School (CIS) and Bright Academy used crisp passing and flashes of individual brilliance to score 9-0 routs over separate rivals in the opening day of the Aboitiz 12-Under Cup at the CIS grounds yesterday.

CIS toyed with FC Inter Lapu-Lapu, 9-0, with Grant Sicard scoring four goals, while Robert Lee towed Bright Academ to a similar scoreline over San Roque FC.

On the other hand, Pepito FC survived a tough battle against rival Paref-Springdale for a 1-0 win. Rafael Estremos provided the heroics as he connected with a cross from right flank to score the lone goal one minute from time.


In the first game, Ralph Gernalim struck first for CIS in the second minute and, before FC Inter could react, Rowdy Elbers added another goal in the next minute as Sicard struck his first in the 24th.

CIS wasn�t done scoring and Thomas Booth struck three minutes into the second half. Yuta Hamada made it 5-0 in the 31st before CIS flashy teamwork paid dividends anew in the 32nd.


USC takes first Cesafi crown

After a seven year wait, the University of San Carlos finally nailed a collegiate football title, beating the University of San Jose-Recoletos, 1-0, in the Cesafi finals.

Problems with blogspot

Is it just me or is anyone else having problems accessing the site? Since last night up to 1 p.m today, I couldn't access this at home. But I could still access the template.


The Aboitiz Cup

Now that the days of the festivals are over (or is it). The Aboitiz Cup for the various age groups is supposed to start this month.

Now for definition, a "Cup" type tournament (at least in Cebu, is where the teams are grouped into brackets, and the top teams advance to the semifinals...blahblahblah)

There is only one league-type tournament, the Aboitiz Men's League, which is set to open...

The Cebu Football Stakeholders

Who are they?

One club/school, one vote?

How about the "big" clubs or schools vis a vis the "small" schools. (Small and big here refers to participation.

It's all about the pros and cons, and this thread is for that.

The Cesafi finals

USC will take on USJ-R for the title, and UV will face USP-F for the third place trophy.

Interestingly, both teams semifinal matches ended in draws.

And, in the Sept. 10 Cesafi matches, all four teams figured in a draw. USC drew with USJ-R, 0-0, and USP-F caught up with UV, 2-2.

I'm rooting for USC to win, simply because I am a USC alumni.

But here's my take.

USC will have a complete lineup, while USJ-R loses one player through a red card, and another (Jade Paghubasan, I think) is questionable because of an injury. That win against UV was a confidence-booster for USC, while USJ-R's win against USP-F, almost came by accident as USJ-R was expected to simply roll over the Panthers.

What the heck, I'd be there. I hope it won't last till 6 as I have other responsibilities.

But guess what, I'd bet a case of beer that no Cesafi big shot will there.


Because it ain't basketball.

USC, USJ-R face off for Cesafi crown

USC, and USJ-R bagged a finals seat after hacking out similar wins in the Cesafi football semifinals yesterday at the CCSC.

USC, defeated UV, 4-2, on penalties after a 1-1 draw.

USJ-R outlasted USP-F, 4-2, also on penalties after a 1-1 draw.

Mark Buglosa got USJ-R, a four time champion, ahead with his 86th minute goal but USP-F leveled the count a minute from regulation.



More U19 Pics

Last two pics


More Bacolod Pics

Another set of Bacolod Pics

Winner of the Photo caption contest


Number one by baldur

"girl in green shorts: ahh kalibangon ko."

Number two by Tatoy

"To see is to believe, pero believe na lang para ta madali."

Number three by Baldur (?)

"Whoah! Is that Mike pissing on the flagpost? Hehe"

Number four by Riscoh

" Multi-tasking!
I didnt know girls could watch a game and play at the same time."

Number five by soccer

"PaBol: Hala naay nag sumbagay!!!
Bright player1:asa bah?"
Bright player2:hala buanga!!!

Number six by U14

" hala si lola ga soccer"

And the winner is: Entry number three, so, where will I send the gift certificate?

Part Four

All Pics courtesy of JP
This is just the first batch. More pics to come.

Er, Riscoh, how does that slideshow thing work?

Part three


Part two


Bacolod Pics Part One


Will upload Bacolod pics later

Blogspot is acting up again (Must be that time of the month)

Ergo, the Bacolod pics, will have to wait.


Cebu whimpers away with third loss

IT seems the gap between the traditional powerhouse and the pretenders to the throne is widening.

The young squad from Cebu, which is aiming to position itself as the new center of Philippine football, suffered its third straight blowout loss, this time against Dumaguete City, 2-5, in the Philippine Football Federation Under-19 Visayas Championships at the West Negros College

The first Team Cebu City Football finished dead last in the four-team competition with no points to show in three games. Cebu lost its first two games against Bacolod and Iloilo, 1-3.

Dumaguete finished on top with seven points and two wins and a draw, while Iloilo took the second spot after yanking host Bacolod, 2-0.


Both Iloilo and Dumaguete move on to the national finals in Zamboanga later this year.

Still Cebu can seek consolation in the fact that most of the members of the Under-19 team, culled from select players from the Cebu International School, Abellana National School, Paref Springdale and the Un…