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Fair Play: The greatest story never shown

TELL me, how many of you have had enough of that wedding that wasn’t a wedding but really was a wedding in primetime news?

All of you?
That’s news.
It sells.

UV fights for survival in Cesafi

FORMER champion University of the Visayas (UV) will fight for its survival when it takes on defending champion University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R) in the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. (Cesafi) collegiate football at the University of san Carlos (USC)-Technological Center field.

UV, which won the title in 2005, sits at the bottom of the standings with one point after drawing USC, 2-2, last Sept. 12.

Bata, the Grand Old Man of pool

HIS skills obviously faltering, the old man summoned what little was left of his bag full of tricks for one final run.

Opposite the table was the young upstart, the future of pool in the Philippines, a country where every corner seems to house a Bata wannabe.

The young upstart, who a week before had the crowd behind him during another final, knew everybody was rooting for him to lose.

Graeme, Manfred and local football

A FEW years ago, Manfred Schuwerk e-mailed our former sports editor to comment on Australian football guru Graeme Mackinnon’s coaching style.

He was quite harsh about the way Graeme complained to the refs and shouted at his players regularly, saying it showed Graeme wasn’t a good coach.

CFA bans FCIC for three years

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MANFRED Schuwerk's walkout during the Aboitiz Cup has resulted to a three-year ban of his team from all CFA-sanctioned matches. Now that the CFA is working with DepED for their football matches in the City Olympics and in the Cviraa, will Manfred's Lapu-Lapu team get the axe in the Cviraa too?

Montayre has stipulated that two ANS players could sit out the City Olympics, because it is now sanctioned by the CFA.

Cesafi pics part two

All pics by Dr. JP


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LAST week’s losers came back strong to surprise the favorites in the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. collegiate football at the University of San Carlos (USC)-Technological field.

The University of the Visayas (UV) erased a two-goal deficit to draw with USC, 2-2, while the University of Southern Philippines had a strong second half to surprise defending champion University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R), 2-1, in the second game.

FCIC pulls out 3 teams in Aboitiz Cup: CFA promises probe

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AFTER walking out of the Boys 17-Under division, FCIC Lapu-Lapu decided to pull out all three teams in the 13th Aboitiz Football Cup.

FCIC has teams in the Boys 12, 14 and 17-Under divisions.

FCIC walks out of Aboitiz Cup

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THE OPENING day of the 13th Aboitiz Cup was hit by a controversy after FCIC-Lapu-Lapu walked out of their 17-Under match against Abellana National School at the Aboitiz Sports Field.

Though he got the win the easy way, ANS coach Francis Ramirez isn’t pleased.

The reason? ANS learned only yesterday that one of their players, Johnrey Nieves, has been suspended for a year by the Cebu Football Association (CFA).

USC vs. USPF pictures

All pics courtesy of Dr. JP.

Fair Play: The curse on gifted Cebuano athletes

IT’S been two years since I last saw a Cesafi football match and I was glad I finally got to catch one last Sunday.

Cesafi, this season, will be held at the USC field, so catching a few games isn’t too inconvenient for me since I pass by that field every day.

And by luck, the game I saw was between my alma mater, USC, and USPF, with the host winning 3-0.

Fair Play: Cesafi's unfinished business

HERE'S an interesting twist to the volleyball saga in the Cesafi last year.

Apparently, two of the three volleyball coaches who got banned for life from Cesafi still think they have not been punished.

The reason?