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Fair Play: Queen City's bash and dream

I’VE never seen a bunch of guys lose by three goals in a football match yet still have so much fun.

Then again, I’ve never been to a Queen City United Christmas party.

Last Tuesday, I attended Queen City United’s annual bash—and saw the (annual?) bashing Team B got from Team A.

Fair Play: New hangout and MMA freebies

THERE’S a new place to hang out for sports buff in town.

However, since I’m not in the business of endorsing places, I’d leave it unnamed.

But it’s suffice to say that it’s such a nice place that I’m willing to exchange my old hangout for it.

It’s got all the things sports buffs need in a bar—large, flat TVs, free-flowing beer, and a designated smoking area.

Fair Play: The RP teams of the SEAG

NUTS! That probably sums up the current state of RP sports.

Just as when I thought we can’t possibly sink any lower, we just did!

Fair Play: Yong Larrazabal's secret weapon

WHEN the running bug bit Dr. Potenciano “Yong” Larrazabal III, his wife would sometimes run out of patience while her husband went off running.

Pupunta ka ng Manila para lang tumakbo?” was a comment Donna Cruz-Larrazabal blurted out once too often.

The curious cases of the tourism run

WHAT would you do if after placing third in the women’s division you found out you weren’t even among the top 10 winners?

Or, what would you do if you placed ninth in the category for the other sex?