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State of Philippine sports, addressed

In light of P Noy's SONA, I am giving my own SONA for Philippine sports.

Here it is:

Sa mga boss ko:

Fair Play: What if the POC and PSC are right?

IN defense of their plan not to send a football team to the Southeast Asian Games, Philippine Olympic Committee chairman Peping Cojuangco said," Eh, kung biglan na-murder? I wonder who's going to be inspired. Kung pupunta tayo para lang mag practice, eh malaking kalokohan yan."

He's right of course. A loss in the international scene would be a big heartbreak for Philippine sports.  It would be a big setback that would kill the sport. 

Fair Play: It's more fun breaking the rules in golf

THANK You.” That’s what you say when a flight of slow players lets your group pass them in a golf course. That’s etiquette. Last Monday, we tried golf and we were so nice and so slow that we let six groups—two in the first hole—play ahead. I was with Rick Gabuya, Manny Villaruel and Theresa Gonzales as part of the media division of the Aboitiz Invitational Golf tournament last Monday at the Cebu Country Club.

Come to think of it, I think it’s only the four of us who knew we were competing in the media division as the rest of the field—all serious golfers—plodded on without us.

Fair Play: A tale of three boxers

DRUG user, a human trafficking victim and a champion.

That’s what Cebu boxing has learned of the fate of three of its boxers the past few weeks and the news highlights that boxing isn’t just the sweet science. You really need more than your boxing skills to achieve greatness in the sport. A little bit of luck and the right people—not just your manager and trainer—are important, too.

First there was Mark Melligen, that once promising boxer caught in a drug bust who, in subsequent interviews with the cops, accused his former trainer of stealing his purse after his fight in Las Vegas.

New twitter account

My twitter account mikelimpag got suspended for "aggressive behavior."

Why, I don't know.

I've created a new twitter account mike_limpag, follow me for the usual "non-aggressive behavior."

Fair Play: Making the top 10 percent....

I REMEMBER the very first time I teed off in a golf tournament. It was five years ago in Bacolod City and I thought I was  going to be with fellow neophyte sports editors from Davao City in the media division of the PAL Interclub Golf tournament.

I was second to tee off in our flight and instead of going north, the ball I hit went north east, straight to another green.

Fair Play: Meet Cebu's 15-year-old coach, manager

FOOTBALL is picking up in the Philippines and a lot of schools are hiring coaches and forming teams. But some still don’t have the resources to do so and some parents and students just accept the fact that they can’t form a team.

And then there’s Kevin Mahusay.

The amazing POC logic

THE Philippine Sports Commission and the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) has backtracked, sort of, on its earlier stand not to send our football teams to the Southeast Asian Games.

Sort of.