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Cebu City Olympics

PAREF Springdale finally bagged its first secondary football crown, while the Don Bosco College kept its hold of the title for another year after repulsing, who else, Springdale in the elementary division.

Springdale, which needed to beat Abellana National School twice to win the crown, did just that thanks to Carlos Veloso’s pair of heroics in both games.

Their wins earned the two teams the right to represent Cebu in the Central Visayas Athletic Association next year.

No Aboitiz Cup this year.

To anyone hoping that there will be an Aboitiz Festival, and an Aboitiz Cup for the age groups this year, forget about it.

You'd have more luck waiting for Santa Claus.

I asked and was told that "unahon ang Men's Open kay naay Regionals."

What about the age groups?

See you in 2008. (I hope)

A wacky comment about Cebu's POF triumph

AFTER the Palarong Pambansa debacle, Cebu City now has a national champion to call after a composite team made of players from Don Bosco, CIS and Springdale won the Philippine Olympic Festival football title over Iloilo, 1-0.

The team’s triumph shows that sending a team of Cebu’s best—and not just the best Cebu team—gets good results.

The unique makeup of the team was highlighted in the crucial play, the goal of the match.

Karl Arcenas (Springdale) connected the corner kick to Tom Booth (CIS), who in turn found an open Mikko de Guzman (DBC) for the lone goal of the match.

A goal you can only see in the movies.

However, with all the hooplah of the win, there is one comment by a councilor that kind of leaves a not so nice taste in my mouth.

I’m sure the good councilor means well for the team, but to call the team, “hastily prepared” is an insult to the players and the coach.

Everybody knows no "hastily prepared team" can play six matches in a week, much more win it all.

I don’t think …