Monday, November 26, 2007

Cebu City Olympics

PAREF Springdale finally bagged its first secondary football crown, while the Don Bosco College kept its hold of the title for another year after repulsing, who else, Springdale in the elementary division.

Springdale, which needed to beat Abellana National School twice to win the crown, did just that thanks to Carlos Veloso’s pair of heroics in both games.

Their wins earned the two teams the right to represent Cebu in the Central Visayas Athletic Association next year.

Congratulations to both teams.

Anyway, I have said this before and I will say this again, sporting events run by the Department of Education leaves a lot of room for improvement.

You might think that with years of experience running such meet, they might learn to do things the right way, but, surprise (or no surprise at all). They always do things the way they’ve always been done.

Seriously, how hard it is to tally scorers? Yellow cards? Red Cards? Substitutions?

If you got somebody sitting at the table whole darn game, why can’t that person lift a darn pen.

That’s work, or does that beat the purpose?

The champion

Bring out the bull horn!

I believe I can fly!

Let's dance.

Scorer, raise your hand.

Ako na ni piso!

Coach, i field na pud ko.

One against an army. (Asa naman ako kauban)

Unsa sunod stepping bay?

knockout mong tanan!


ronaldo said...

Congratulations to both teams. I had the opportunity to watch the last two CVIRAA and Palaro games and I never really understood why a selection of Cebu's (and the region's) best secondary players could under-perform and not get the gold.

Finally- after a long wait- we will have a Ceniza-coached secondary team. CVIRAA is supposed to be held on February. That gives Ceniza decent time to mold his team (depending on who he gets as reinforcements - whether or not he picks anyone up) into a cohesive unit. The core players of PAREF Springdale are already a solid bunch.

q said...

good job guys esp ccarlo veloso

kikster said...

In the end, strategy and tough defending won the day for Paref or so I heard.