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Fair Play: Aboitiz Cup is Cebu football

SINCE it started in 1997, the Aboitiz Cup has not only become the biggest football tournament in Cebu, I think it has become Cebu football as well.

Without it, Cebu football is dead.

Fair Play: Do you remember?

DO YOU remember how Efren Reyes changed the world of pool when he won the World Pool Championships in 1999?

Do you remember how proud you were to be Pinoy?

Fair Play: Telling the Luisito 'Lindol' Espinosa story

ROEL Velasco, Edito Villamor and Luisito Espinosa were the reasons I became a boxing fan.

The first live boxing match I saw was the semifinal loss of Roel to a Cuban in the Barcelona Olympics, while the first Pinoy pro boxer I followed in the papers was Edito. I remember looking forward to my graduation from high school because it was the day news of his title fight against Ricardo Lopez would come out in the national papers.

Fair Play: How to break Cesafi's ground rules

IT’S very easy, just do the don’ts. But then again, you can kiss your Cesafi campaign goodbye.

(What? Were you worried that I’d be encouraging delinquent athletes?)

Fair Play: The awesome girls of STC

OVER the years in covering the sports scene, I realized there are some schools you can readily assume to be successful in sports and some that just don’t do sports.

It’s a pity really, since students can get a diploma through an athletic scholarship and considering the values a student-athlete gets from being a player, sports should be one of the priorities of a school.

Reaction: An appeal to the PFF Board of Governors

This is a comment on my column, "It's time to kick Martinez out of the PFF"

I am just reprinting it here.



BOG should stop saving kissing Martinez's ass

Its not just Martinez who should be ousted. The spotlight should be likewise focused on some of the members of the PFF Board of Governors who to this day continue to protect Martinez ravenous greed in the gross misuse of PFF funds and looting the PFF Treasury.

Fair Play: Foul kilobyte knockout

THE expensive sunglasses got my attention first.

I thought it was pretty weird for a guy with an obviously outdated sense of fashion—so obvious even a guy like me could notice—to be wearing such glasses, in a rundown non-aircon bus bound for Davao City.

Complaint to FIFA

Here's a copy of a letter filed by five FA presidents against PFF president Mari Martinez. Fifa told Mari to answer this letter, but, I was told the good president ignored Fifa.

25 August 2009

More questions for Martinez

I got a couple of letters the last few days and they are both interesting. I've copied the text and pasted it here. The two letters are in JPG form and in PDF format and I thought it would be better if I'd just paste the text here since I don't know how to upload a PDF file here and the jpeg version is low-res.

Click "more" to get to the text.

PS. By the way, a Manila reporter was contacted by former RP coach's Des Bulpin's agent to clarity that his client resigned because his pay got delayed. Wait for it in the news. That agent is planning to report the matter to Fifa.

Fair Play: It's time to kick Martinez out of the PFF

THERE’s a brewing war between PFF president Mari Martinez and the Cebu Football Association and I hope it will result to Martinez getting sacked and being held accountable for the funds the organized used while he is office.

Martinez sent a scathing letter last Aug. 3 to CFA president Richard Montayre, calling the Cebuano an arrogant, stubborn man who has poor comprehension of the English language.

PFF vs. the CFA

The PFF president has drawn the line. All you football fans out there, it's time to show our love for Cebu football.

Forget your differences. It's not the time for bickering.

Now is the time to unite.

Support the CFA.

"Excerpt of letter of the PFF to the CFA"
Because of the present pressing relationship between the PFF and your association, and your stubborness to continue to directly deal with the AFC instead of PFF, shows me a clear picture of arrogance. It has also left me no choice but to decide for CFA to go on its own directions towards Vision Philippines.

The PFF is giving you two working days from the date of this letter to decide whether or not PFF will need to decide drastic moves and changes due to your actions or non-action thereof."

Mr. Martinez, my English comprehension is pretty good. Did you not say you will resign as PFF president if you
can't make football the No. 2 most popular sport in the country?

Fair Play: Chester Cokaliong for RP football president

I AM nominating Chester Cokaliong to be the next president of the Philippine Football Federation.

Yep, Cokaliong the basketball guy as RP football’s next head.