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Fighting over the post-season cake

WHEN I learned Visayas Amateur Athletic Association (VAAA) founder Councilor Yayoy Alcoseba said that Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. (Cesafi) commissioner Felix Tiukinhoy's pressure on the school owners was the reason behind the 6-1 vote on Cesafi schools not joining the VAAA, my first thought was LFS, Anakbayan and NUSP members should forget the rallies and boycotts.

If they want to change school policies, they only have to contact Tiukinhoy.  It seems he is that powerful among Cebu schools.  If he can make six school owners vote his way, telling schools to lower their tuition or miscellaneous fees should be a walk in the park for him.

Fair Play: Making sports interesting

WOMEN’S beach volleyball is one of the hardest sports I have covered. It’s quite difficult to keep up with the play and the scores with the sun in your eyes, the cute girls in the gallery, and the scantily-clad females on the “beach.” (The men’s game is the easiest, you just get the final score and you’re done).

And I have the wise guys at the FIVB, the world’s governing body for all forms of volleyball, to thank for that. (May my Gender and Society professor forgive me for this).

UV fan saves Fair Play

MY MIND took an impromptu vacation the past few days and a heavier than usual workload meant I couldn’t think of a topic for today's column issue.

However, a check for reactions from previous posts in my blog saved me from a non-appearance today.  Here's from someone who identified himself as Visayanian ( and guest100 ( I'm just including excerpts and have edited some parts.

Don Bosco rules Cesafi high school football


DON Bosco Technology Center (DBTC) wrested the 2008 Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. secondary level title as it held the No. 1 University of Southern Philippines-Foundation (USP-F) scoreless, 3-0, at the University of San Carlos-Technology Center (USC-TC) football field. 

Both teams were tied with six points going into the match with USPF holding a slight two goal edge over DBTC. 

However, DBTC showed it was far from USPF’s equal as it dominated 80 percent of the game and had 17 shots compared to a lone attempt for USPF. 

Fair Play: Cesafi boxing and a wacky pitch for Sir Jack

SHARAPOVA should be today’s topic, but I’ll start off with reactions to the punch in Cesafi football and a new Team Cebu City 

Here’s a reaction to the punch from “Ronaldo,” a regular visitor in my blog even before I got this space: “The punching incident happened between the fullback and the striker at the UV side of the field. There were other UV players nearby. The ongoing play was at the center of the field on the UC side and not on the sideline….It’s difficult to believe the claim of the linesman that he did not see anything. But then, many referees and linesmen are biased for this particular team. Everyone in Cebu football knows that…” 

Cesafi to UV player: explain punch


CEBU Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. football tournament manager Jonathan Maximo has asked the University of the Visayas defender who allegedly punched an University of Cebu to explain his side regarding the incident. 

“We will wait for his side to be fair with everybody,” said football tournament Manager Jonathan Maximo in an interview with Sun.Star Cebu yesterday. 

Fair Play: The punch and goal that never happened

BY ALL accounts, it was a punch that would make Freddie Roach proud—the taller and older guy connecting to the face of the smaller and younger foe. 

But it wasn’t boxing. It was the University of the Visayas football team captain against a UC striker in Cesafi football. 

Cesafi manager waits for report

AN altercation between two players during last Saturday’s Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. (Cesafi) football match between the University of the Visayas and the University of Cebu will be scrutinized by Cesafi tournament manager Jonathan Maximo.

But before deciding on the fate of the players involved, Maximo said Cesafi will have to wait for an incident report from from the officials supervising the match.
(From Sun.Star Cebu)

Tagbiliran beats USPF

THE visiting Tagbilaran Squad had a well deserved win as it defeated the favored University of Southern Philippines-Foundation Alumni FC, 2-0, in their Men’s League football match of the 11th Aboitiz Cup yesterday at the University of San Carlos-Technology Center football grounds.

Oliver Gasco opened the lead for Tagbilaran City with a goal in the 20th minute and Alvin Mangubat made it 2-0 in the 87th minute of the match to clinch their first victory of the tournament.

(From Sun.Star Cebu)

Doing a UV

CHARLES Boycott and the Earl of Sandwich are two historical figures whose names we now use in everyday language.  I now propose to add another for Cebu—UV.

As a verb, to UV (YOUvee) means to do something well, consistently, “Tom UVed in college, that’s why he got three job offers when he graduated.”

It could also mean to give everything—money, support and the kitchen sink--to push a goal, “The Cebu City government is really UVing the SRP (Wait, is there some sort of irony here?).”

Fair Play: Joavan's mismatches and mismatches

WITH all the attention and luck Joavan Fernandez is getting, I think, it is about time Talisay City's First Son considers taking up sports.  Besides, getting plastered in the back pages of a paper is better than hitting the front pages everyday.

It would also do his city proud, and should he engage in sports, it won't only be his dad who would be paying and praying for his endeavors.  The whole city will.

USPF upsets Sambag 1

AFTER losing its first game in the opening week of the 11th Aboitiz Cup, University of Southern Philippines-Foundation Alumni FC bounced back and scored an upset against the fancied Sambag 1, 1-0, yesterday at the University of San Carlos-Technology Center football field. 

USP-F Alumni FC scored the only goal of the match after Steve Ko struck in the sixth minute of regulation on a counterattack. 

From Sun.Star Cebu

Fair Play: Why NSAs need Pamet and safeguards

ONE of the first national organizations I got to know as a kid was Pamet.  You know, the one that endorses the “soap with a conscience.”  I never really knew what Pamet really does, but since then, whenever I hear “med-tech,” I always see this guy-or-girl-in-a-lab-coat holding a soap.

When I first got into sports, national sports associations (NSAs) were unheard of, unlike Pamet.

But now that I’ve got a chance to learn about NSAs, I long for Pamet’s girl in the lab coat and the conscience too.