Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Fair Play: Why NSAs need Pamet and safeguards

ONE of the first national organizations I got to know as a kid was Pamet.  You know, the one that endorses the “soap with a conscience.”  I never really knew what Pamet really does, but since then, whenever I hear “med-tech,” I always see this guy-or-girl-in-a-lab-coat holding a soap.

When I first got into sports, national sports associations (NSAs) were unheard of, unlike Pamet.

But now that I’ve got a chance to learn about NSAs, I long for Pamet’s girl in the lab coat and the conscience too.

I doubt if most pool players have heard of BPMAP and BSCP but the war between the two has resulted to the Philippines hosting the World 10-Ball championship and Efren Reyes, Francisco Bustamante, Ronato Alcano, Dennis Orcullo and Alex Pagulayan skipping the event.

A billiards world championship in RP without the five is like Cebu without Colon, otap, puso and Magellan’s cross.  It just isn’t right.

These two groups can’t see each other eye to eye and they found it in the sport’s best interest that while the who’s who of world pool is in the country, they show what NSA politics is capable of.

It’s the same in basketball. We also have two sets of officers, one headed by a failed politico, and a business mogul.

Politico’s group counts among its members dead and non-existent leagues (A politico seeking legitimacy from dead voters? Hmmm), while businessman says he is for unity but if asked why a unified group has two factions, he balks. Badminton, also, is treading the same path with the two. A recent election has been declared illegal by the incumbent.

And as predictable as Manny Villar’s next advertised act of saving OFWs is, these warring factions will all say they are just doing what is necessary for the good of the sport.

Makes you wish Pamet can develop a conscience for these groups doesn’t it?  And throw in a soap for all the stench.

E-MAILS. This one is from (eisar*****, “First read your column two weeks ago about those poor ovals and I became an instant fan of yours! And since then, I read your column on a regular basis. Insoy told me you're one good writer and it was, indeed, true. You’re one witty writer and I soo love it! Looking forward to your next column. You rock! Heard about the 'Their Books’ fundraising by Tsinelas Association, Inc…can we ask for some of your collections sir?”

Thanks, but I don’t rock. Insoy does.  As for the books, I believe if I were to list the contents of my mini-library, it would send the Cebu Anti-Indecency Board knocking.  So the best I can do is point you to others and you can get their books.  People, please check

And another one from (,” We are pleased to inform you that you have emerged as a winner in the final annual draw…You are therefore advised to receive a cash prize of 2,500,000.00 USD…” Eer, this doesn’t seem like fan mail…

TAG TEAM.  Three ladies having their lunch at Ayala’s Pancake House must have found it strange seeing two guys “tag-teaming” a meal last Saturday.

Ayala security personnel need not be concerned. It was me and Manny Villaruel, the Freeman’s sports editor.

We were starving and running out of time for our Sports Quiz. Questions had to be cut, rolled and separated into categories and hungry stomachs needed to be fed.

So as I cut the questions, Manny had his first course in the next table. We swapped places until questions in the four categories were cut, rolled and placed in their respective bowls.

The meal was great, the Sports Quiz greater, but I can’t forget how one lady stared as I jumped from one table to another.

So to you madam—and this is my conscience speaking—sorry for spoiling your meal, I was only doing what was necessary for the good of our sports quiz.

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