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Fair Play: Of Nutcrackers, Sona and Cebu football

HE swimming world is in an up roar because of the body suits.

Body suits—or should I say, nutcrackers—are so tight that if an ordinary Juan wears it, he’d probably doubt if he’d ever sire a child.

Fair Play: Jacob Lagman and Efren Reyes

IN just one night, I saw a legend and a legend to be. One is barely in his teens but has the maturity level of an adult, while the other is a kid forever trapped in a 50-year-old body.

Both are also very humble.

Fair Play: Why SAC doesn't suck in basketball

EVER since the Sportswriters Association of Cebu started getting more active last year, one of the “unfortunate activities” of the group was joining basketball tournaments.

It’s heaven-sent for other members, but I call it unfortunate for the simple reason that I can’t shoot a basketball even if it means winning a date with Maria Sharapova.

There may be a lot of basketball-loving folks in the group, and some could shoot a trey blindfolded, but it doesn’t mean a SAC basketball team is a good one.
Against SAC, the opposing team only has to show up on time to beat the group.

And teams, no matter how small the contest, it seems always want SAC on the opposing side.

I guess it helps with their league’s publicity if they include a bunch of sportswriters in the mix.

Enter Dave Ting, Dennis Que and Dave Lim—our three SAC imports.

The three Ds are the reason why SAC made it to the semis in a couple of tournaments. They are also the reason why, in SAC’s first tournament, we could afford to have a “pra…

Fair Play: Keeping the weight secret

OSCAR dela Hoya, for all the questions regarding his fading skills in his last years as an active boxer, is one astute promoter.

While everyone thinks that everything that can be done to promote a card—staged press con brawls to short reality TVish shows—has been done, dela Hoya, the owner of Golden Boy Promotions, has discovered a novelty.

Fair Play: Get a job

WOULD a normal student, after finishing a four-year course, transfer to another school to study for just one year?

Would you?

It sounds crazy. But apparently, the Cesafi thinks otherwise.

Fair Play: Pacquiao and the race card

I GUESS it’s a testament to Manny Pacquiao’s popularity if fighters are throwing everything at him—and the kitchen sink—to get a multi-million fight with him.
Short of giving away the keys to his house, Sugar Shane Mosley almost gave up everything to get a Pacquiao fight.

He didn’t.

Fair Play: The goat gets Roddick again

HOW could a guy, who lost his serve only once, lose to a guy whose serve got broken twice?

When he’s facing The Goat, of course.

Fair Play: Donaire shows his way with words

WHEN Nonito Donaire Jr. retires, he can sure pick up another profession as a writer—a good one.

Junior recently launched his own site,, and wrote a touching entry about his father and namesake in his blog for Fathers’ Day.

Fair Play: A tale of three losers

FOR 45 minutes, the United States threatened to turn the football world upside down.

The Americans, who are rarely taken seriously in the international scene, had five-time World Cup champion Brazil in trouble.

They were up 2-0 in the Confederations Cup finals.

A nifty touch off a cross had the US up, 1-0, in just 10 minutes while a counter attack by Landon Donovan—ignored in the Spanish Liga where Brazil’s best play—had the US ahead by two.

This, from the same team the Brazilians buried, 3-0, in the elimination round. The same team that was last in its group going into the final elimination round matches.

Then the second half happened.

The Brazilians showed why they are the best in the world and piled three goals in the second half—four if you count the one the referee didn’t see—to set things in order again.

Despite the loss, the US gained a lot in the Confed Cup, showing they can be at par with the world’s best players, and even beat them, in the case of their win over Spain.

NOT FPJ. Fern…