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Manny Pacquiao tales

MONICO Puentevella’s speech during the Sportswriters Association of Cebu-Sports Awards was one of the longest I’ve ever heard.

Fortunately it wasn’t boring as his tales of Pacquiao and other stuff were more interesting than the usual “Pacquiao will KO this and that” stuff we read and hear in the news.

What football can learn from running

AFTER the hotly-contested elections for the Philippine Football Federation back in 2007, I and Graeme Mackinnon, the former coach of the Carmen National School, had a brief discussion about the two candidates.

Graeme said he knew the winning president but wouldn’t have voted for him. I said I knew the losing candidate, and I wouldn’t have voted for him, either.

86 floors in 10 minutes

IMAGINE staring up the Crown Regency Tower. As you squint to look at the top of the 38-storey building, try to imagine climbing from where you’re standing, to the top, using the stairs, in five minutes.

Sounds impossible right?

Fair Play: Boxing and WWW thieves

I FINALLY got to see a boxing match again-- Michael Katsidis against Hugo Ramirez, a bloke who was so stingy with his punches he seemed like a bank affected by the global crisis.

Aboitiz Cup boycott

Photographers covering the Aboitiz Cup in the new Aboitiz Sports Field were made to pay P40.

Now, I've heard from the grapevine, one paper will boycott the Aboitiz Cup, as for us?....