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Fair Play: Chasing John Pages and Haide Acuna

I SURVIVED my second 5K run.

Unlike the first one, when it took me a couple of weeks to take a step without feeling any pain, I wasn’t hobbled after joining the 5K division of the Press Freedom Run.

Fair Play: The Tax Man scares Money, Pacman

AGAINST two of the biggest names in boxing—Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao—he won.

And he didn’t even have to wear boxing gloves—he just came up with the numbers.

Fair Play: Pretty Boy had it coming

WHEN you open your mouth too much, when you spew out venom a lot, the tendency is, some of it’s going to bounce back right at you.

Now that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is getting some, he’s crying foul.

Fair Play: An inconsequential rule

SHOULD tennis scrap the rule on foot faults?

The Serena Williams vs. Kim Clijsters semifinal match in the US Open seems to be a compelling argument for it, as it robbed us of a great ending to one great match between two former No. 1s.

Grapevine news: Lifetime ban for coach

I heard from the grapevine that one coach will face a lifetime ban in the Cesafi.
Got wind of this news a week ago, and heard it again yesterday.

Fair Play: The Biggest Ego of All Time

IF you think a certain president’s P1-million dinner was lavish, try P5 million.

No it didn’t involve politicians from a third-world country. It featured hungry linebackers engaged in the weird ways of rookie initiations.

Fair Play: The loudest mouth in boxing

I GUESS until now, Floyd Mayweather Sr. can’t accept the fact the boxer he trained got demolished by Manny Pacquiao easily that he thinks the Filipino icon didn’t do it by natural means.

Pacquiao’s steady rise in the different weight divisions over his career—from 106 to 147 pounds—and the fact that he retained his speed and power is such a rare feat that the Loud Mouth thinks it must be the steroids.

Fair Play: Milo and Cesafi football: Hit and miss

IT’S been quite a while since I last saw a football game in the Milo Olympics. It’s been so long that I’ve forgotten it’s a seven-a-side game, not the full-sided event.

So I was glad I got to catch a couple of games last Saturday, including the elementary semifinals between the Don Bosco College and Paref-Springdale.

Fair Play: Dela Hoya finally beats Manny

I SURE missed a lot of things the past few days.

Manny Pacquiao’s knocking out dandruff, Maria Sharapova got knocked out, Marvin Sonsona’s the new champ, some dude kissed Rafael Nadal, the NBA legends are in town and old guy Oscar dela Hoya beats Manny Shaquiao.

The Fair Play Fairies

TIME indeed—as the old cliché goes—flies fast. It doesn’t seem like it, but I’ve been appearing in these pages for a year now, exactly.

That’s eight times a month for a year, with no missed schedule.

Fair Play: Memories aren't made of arnis

THE first time I got to learn arnis, I swore to God, I will whack anybody who will force me to learn the sport.

It was that traumatic.

We were fourth graders on a jamboree and part of the week-long program was “Kali.”

Fair Play: Atan and Tom's pissing contest

MAYOR Tomas Osmena and Jonathan Guardo are again engaged in a pissing contest, this time about their sports.

After Guardo’s group promised to set aside P5 million for their boxing program, the City also announced a P5-million volleyball and basketball tournament for registered voters—the Cebu City MY CiTy Games.