Fair Play: The loudest mouth in boxing

I GUESS until now, Floyd Mayweather Sr. can’t accept the fact the boxer he trained got demolished by Manny Pacquiao easily that he thinks the Filipino icon didn’t do it by natural means.

Pacquiao’s steady rise in the different weight divisions over his career—from 106 to 147 pounds—and the fact that he retained his speed and power is such a rare feat that the Loud Mouth thinks it must be the steroids.

In one documentary about steroids use in the US, the filmmakers noted how easy it was to access the different drugs.

Mayweather must think it is just as easy in the Philippines.

Cheating in boxing isn’t new. Antonio Margarito got a one-year suspension for using a “plaster of Paris” cast in his hands, while Shane Mosley was one of those named in the Balco investigation, the one that brought down Sydney Olympics darling slash exposed cheat Marion Jones.

Mosley also admitted to a grand jury that he used the blood booster EPO in his win against Oscar dela Hoya.

Most experts have been surprised with how Pacquiao has been able to retain his speed and power in every division that he has climbed. Boxers, as they grow, move to a higher division and most experts agree that a boxer’s power and speed is affected by the climb.

But Pacquiao has always defied the experts, like in the dela Hoya fight.

And folks like Mayweather Sr. can’t accept the fact that a Pinoy, who started as a scrawny 106-pounder, is now the world’s best boxer so he thinks Pacquiao must be using steroids.

In his twisted mind, only the Floyd Mayweathers should be the world’s best.

Of course, there is another way to look at this interview.

Floyd Sr. just wants his son Lil’ Floyd, who is reportedly broke, to earn a few more millions by fighting Pacquiao.

Floyd Sr. is simply pissing off Pacquiao’s camp, hoping that they’d agree to a fight with his son. Everybody’s happy, including, of course, Floyd Sr.

Floyd Jr., like the father, has always dissed Pacquiao. In fact, he tried to upstage him. Lil’ Floyd announced his comeback on the day of Hatton vs. Pacquiao, hoping that his “news” will overshadow the fight.

Of course, what the sportswriters noted after that fight was how Mayweather Jr. needed 10 rounds to knock out Hatton, while Pacquiao only needed two. Fans have never looked at Mayweather the same way after that.

There is a petition in Philboxing.com for Pacquiao to sue Mayweather Sr. and his lawyer, Jeng Gacal, has already confirmed they are studying the move.

I am all for Pacquiao clearing his name but a suit against Mayweather Sr. would only give him an avenue to spew his poison.

Instead of suing Mayweather, I propose that Pacquiao’s camp take out a 30-second ad that shows the following: A clip of the interview where he accused Pacquiao of using steroids, a 10-second clip of Hatton getting knocked out, and a 10-second clip showing Mayweather reading his poem:

“I am being for real and saying what I feel, this is the truest quote that I ever wrote...Come May 2nd, you will be uncrowned with your head hanging down...So let’s make it simple and plain after this fight, Pac will never be the same...It ain’t no secret and I hope you know, The Hitman Hatton by KO!”

The only thing Floyd Sr. got right in his poem was that Pacquiao was never the same after the fight. He got so damn big on and off the ring folks would do just about anything to get a fight.

I wonder if Floyd Sr. would next claim that Rustico Torrecampo is his long-lost son.

I never liked Juan Manuel Marquez, but I hope the Numero Uno beats the living daylights out of Lil’ Floyd and afterwards, gives him a bottle of his own piss so Mayweather will recover his “lost vitamins.”


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