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Fair Play: Familiar stories

IT’S a familiar story but with a slightly different twist.

Weak team, lucky to be in the semis, faces the No. 1 team who hasn’t tasted defeat in quite awhile—35 matches in almost three years.

Fair Play: The Wax-Men

YOU don’t really associate men with wax. Especially burly men who join the Universal Reality Combat Championships.

But that was the case in last Saturday’s main event.

Fair Play: You are sissy!

I KNOW it’s bad to gloat but I can’t help it.

The Los Angeles Lakers won in five games.

Just like I said they would. LA in five, I said at the start of the NBA finals.

Fair Play: Forget the rallies, let's do the Cha-Cha

BASED on all the noise they are generating, it seems everyb

Fair Play: A fan's dilemma and the Partners Cup

MY friend Harry has quite a dilemma.

Like millions of Pinoys, he loves basketball and follows the NBA religiously.

The problem is, like the rest of other fans who follow sports in another timezone, he’s at work when all he wants to do is chug that beer while cheering hoarse for the Lakers (or the Magic for you non-Kobe believers).

Luckily for Harry, he’s got an Internet connection in his office and he gets to follow game results online (Note to HR manager: Harry doesn’t work for your company.)

Fair Play: When stupid football heads attack

WE ALL know some football fans, sometimes, are an embarrassment to the sport.

Beating up a kid for wearing the other team’s jersey? Done that.

Throwing a coin at the linesman for a wrong call? Ditto.

Charging a ref for a non-call on a penalty? That too.

Fair Play: Kobe Bryant's redemption

IN HIS first ever playoffs appearance for the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant was a dud.

The guy named after a famous beef his parents saw on a restaurant menu, Kobe was as cold as stored meat.

Coming tournaments

There are a couple of coming tournaments.

The ECCP festival this weekend at CIS and the USP cup on June 20 and 21.

Have fun!

Fair Play: God, can't you give her a break?

IT’S the stuff most sports movies are made of.

The heroine gets to the pinnacle of the sport, only to falter after off-court troubles.