Fair Play: Forget the rallies, let's do the Cha-Cha

BASED on all the noise they are generating, it seems everybody wants to avoid Cha-Cha.

But if Dancesport Team Cebu City (DTCC) will have its way, it wants everybody to dance to that tune—cops, politicians, and every Juan included.

Even every one who is against the Cha-Cha.

But, unfortunately for the congressmen and women and Ate Glue—as Valentin Dakuykoy calls her—this is not about House Resolution 1109. This one is about the real cha-cha, or chachacha to be precise.

Ed Hayco, his lovely wife Eleanor and DTCC want to break the record for the largest dance class at the Cebu City Sports Center and everybody is invited to join the party.

The current record was set by Budapest at 2,289.

It was just one of three records broken by that city on May 23, 2009.

Curiously, the Budapest event was also led by a husband-and-wife tandem, identified only in
www.community.guinnessworldrecord.com as Norbi and Reka.

DTCC is targeting 4,000 participants and should it get that number, they’d have enough buffer to get the record.

I think the CCSC football field’s dimension is 90 by 60—or an area of 5,400 square meters. And if a pair needs a dance area of 1.5m by 1m, the field can hold 3,600 pairs or 7,200 participants.

According to the Internet report, 2,954 joined the Budapest event, but due to Guinness’s strict guidelines—those who stopped dancing before the 10-minute mark was up were not counted—only 2,289 were included in the record.
DTCC’s event was originally scheduled for June 23 but has been moved to June 27.

So have yourself counted! Let’s do the cha-cha.

But leave your politics at the gates.

THRILLING NUMBER. While looking for articles online about the dance class record, I came across a curious story.

Last May 15, the College of William and Mary in the US set the record for the most number of people simultaneously dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in one place at 242.

I thought the CPDRC folks number more than 242?

FAJARDO SAGA. You have to admire University of Cebu (UC) basketball director Baldomero Estenzo.

He makes UC look good while stopping 6’9” June Mar Fajardo from training with the Smart Gilas national team, and he gets to swipe at the University of the Visayas (UV) while doing so.

Estenzo said UC values Fajardo’s studies, and letting him play for the national team would hamper that.

“How can he attend classes if his training is in Manila?” Estenzo told Sun.Star last Saturday.

Which is indirectly saying, “How can Greg Slaughter attend classes if his training is in Manila?”
It’s a known fact. Basketball players make for bad role models for education.

This reminds me of a curious little incident that went unnoticed when the first Partners Cup was held. One coach said he
was still having problems gathering his players because they were still on vacation in the provinces.

I remember that quite clearly because I was still studying and that came out when we were already in our sixth week of classes.I so wished then to be “still vacationing.”

Anyway, is UC right in stopping Fajardo?

Well, in football, people who force players to play for their club instead of their country are selfish buggers.

But, this is basketball. And for UC, it seems the Fajardo case isn’t about club and country. It’s about proving a point.

Hmmm.I wonder if Cesafi is amenable to holding a couple of side events this season—an academic contest for its athletes, and an athletic competition for its Dean’s Listers.

That way, we’ll know who the brainiest brawns are, and the brawniest brainies.

Well, it’s just a thought.


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