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Cis Pics Part 5

All pics are courtesy of Dr. JP

CIS Pics Part 4

Ang tanang hulagway gikan ni Dr. JP

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CIS Pics Part 3

All Pics courtesy of Dr. JP

CIS Pics Part 2

ALL Pics are courtesy of Dr. Joel Pascual

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CIS Cup Pics Part 1

All Pics are courtesy of Dr. Joel Pascual
This is the first part only. Wordpress revised the process of uploading photos. It's tedious. But, will find a way for faster posting.

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Fair Play: When teachers get the whistle

I SAID in a previous column there was something fundamentally wrong with how the Department of Education ran their meets.

Fair Play: Parents vs. DepEd

DURING one football game in high school, I got so frustrated I decided to stop the play by sitting on the ball.

Yep, I was so pissed with that incompetent fool who kept blowing his whistle against us I just grabbed the darn ball, sat on it, and dared him to take it from me.

Thirsty Pics Part 3

All Pics courtesy of Dr. JP.

Thirsty Cup Pics Part 2

All Pics by Dr. JP

Thirsty Cup Pics Part 1

All Pics are courtesy of Dr. Joel Pascual, ako ninong.

Fair Play: Kapuso vs. Kapamilya and DepEd's torture

MANNY Pacquiao has jumped ship from GMA back to ABS-CBN, less than two years after going ober da bakod the other way.

As expected, the network war got lively again.

John Dykes: Uefa Quarterfinals

“John Dykes is the lead presenter of the Barclays Premier League, and host of ESPN’s Football Focus, Football Up Close, and First Edition. For more of John Dykes' columns please visit”

Even as the UEFA Champions League quarter-final draw is made in Switzerland Friday, post-mortem inquests are still being carried out in Italy and Madrid into their Euro-representatives' exit at the hands of English clubs. This week also brought a reminder of another once-great European football power which these days can only dream of representation in the Champions League's later stages.

Mcmahon: A European night on Merseyside

By Steve Mcmahon

“Steve McMahon, former Liverpool midfielder and England International, is a resident football pundit on ESPN’s Football Focus and Football Forecast. Catch his predictions on”

European nights are special and there is nowhere like it other than Liverpool’s Anfield.

I was lucky enough to be on Merseyside to witness their game against Real Madrid.

You can go all over the world to watch football but there’s something about Anfield on a European night that makes it extra special.

John Dykes: WAG brought to tears

(This John Dykes column is courtesy of ESPN Star Sports.  Go to for more of Dykes' column.)

As Europe echoed to triumphant roars and anguished howls during this week's epic Champions League clashes, a smaller but no-less-poignant footballing drama was being played out on stage at a Liverpool nightclub.

Fair Play: Pacquiao fans bad for boxing?

THERE’S an interesting article posted at The author, Johnny Benz, said he was tired of the Manny Pacquiao coverage, that most Pacquiao fans are not really boxing fans, Pinoys only follow Pacquiao because there is no other Filipino superstar and that our adulation of him is not good for boxing. He also said, he wonders “If Pacquiao fans in the Philippines even pay that much to watch Pacquiao fight.”

There is some truth to his words, but for most part, he got it wrong.

Once upon a time in Polomolok

MY brief sojourn at home reminded me of how time warps in Polomolok, South Cotabato.

In the city, it seems you only have to blink and it’s already 6 p.m.