Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fair Play: Kapuso vs. Kapamilya and DepEd's torture

MANNY Pacquiao has jumped ship from GMA back to ABS-CBN, less than two years after going ober da bakod the other way.

As expected, the network war got lively again.

After Pacquiao announced he was transferring to ABS-CBN, Solar Sports said it, and not Pacquiao, has the right to choose which channel gets to air his fights, based on their contract.

Solar also said it will sue Pacquiao and stop ABS-CBN from airing his fight.

And just recently, GMA said in a statement that 1.) Manny’s contract to air his fights is with Solar Sports, not GMA; 2.) Solar Sports only buys blocktime during his fights; 3.) that Pacquiao has a separate contract with GMA, making him an exclusive talent; and 4.) GMA will sue Pacquiao.

And this is just three days since Pacquiao made that announcement.

Some old issues were also dug up; Pacquiao supposedly jumped ship after ABS-CBN promised him help for his congressional campaign in 2010, something GMA was quick to point out was unethical. (When Pacquiao transferred to GMA in 2007, it was supposedly because of the unfair coverage he got during his first congressional campaign.)

Pacquiao’s penchant to rescind contracts was also raised. Remember how he jumped from Top Rank to Golden Boy to Top Rank?

Solar Sports said that should it be forced to go to court, the biggest loser would be the Filipinos.

Thanks for the belated concern, but the fans aren’t really the biggest loser should litigation prevent the fight from being aired, the biggest losers are 1.) Manny Pacquiao, 2.) ABS-CBN, 3.) GMA and 4.) Solar Sports.

When the network giants got into boxing, fans stopped relying on their broadcast for news whether Pacquiao won or lost, they only watch to confirm what they got from their friends, the Internet or the radio.

And one tiny thing, you can watch live pay-per-view fights on the Internet, for free and best of all, without the annoying Pinoy annotators and the ads. (No, it’s not youtube.)

If lawsuits will stop the airing of the fight on Philippine TV, I guess, fans and radio reports even, could show they don’t need these broadcast giants by using these resources.

TORTURE. Finally, someone had the guts to describe the opening ceremonies of Department of Education sports events a “torture” and tell guest speakers to cut their speeches.

Joy Young, Cebu City’s education consultant who was in Dumaguete for the Central Visayas Regional Atheltic Association meet, told Sun.Star Cebu’s sports reporter slash photographer Marian Baring:

“I have been complaining about this for a long time and this practice has got to stop…I told our Department of Education officials that next time, they should make it a point to tell the guests that speeches from these are kept to a minimum, maluoy ko sa mga bata nabuwad sa init.”

Like I said, the best speech in these events is, “Thank you for that wonderful introduction, let the games begin.”

Speakers of these events love to talk, and in some case, kiss a__, “that this event wouldn’t be possible without the hard
work of honorable Mayor So and So…” while of course, getting protected from the sun.

Young’s suggestion to cut short the speeches is a good one, besides, nobody really listens to them.

Once after the Palarong Pambansa opening ceremonies, I asked a bunch of athletes and a coach what they thought of the speeches.

They said, “Ambot,” “wa ko naminaw,” “ta-as kayo,” “wa ko ni attend oy, kapoy ana."

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