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Team Cebu City battles Iloilo today

Team Cebu City will debut against Iloilo in the second game of today's PFF Under-19 Regional Championships in Bacolod City.

The first game will pit the host against Dumaguete City.

Here are the members of Team Cebu City.

1. Cortes, Rommel (ANS)
2. Saranillo, Rodel (ANS)
3. Mejaran, Adrianne (ANS)
4. Arriesgado, Joe Mari (ANS)
5. Arranguez, John Paul (UV)
6. Garciano, Garry (UV)
7. Dolino, Howard Dwight (UV)
8. Soriano, Kyle (USC)
9. Sembrano, Roy Joseph (Springdale)
10. Pascual, Jose Paolo (Springdale)
11. Arriola, Benedict Luis (Springdale)
12. Tirol, John Loius (USC)
13. Bacolod, Cliff (USC)
14. Melgo, Jessie Roy (UC)
15. Batad, Jerome (UC)
16. Sharpe, Michael Daniel (CIS)
17. Atillo, Pomposo USC)

Reserve: Canoy, John Miles (Cebu Distance Learning Center)

Head Coach: Francis Ramirez
Asst Coach: Danilo Ramos


First, a disclaimer.

The mere fact that I’m writing about this in my blog, I guess, bars any chance of me writing about this in (well, you know)

Another thing, the player who got the MOA, what is he thinking now, if you were in his place? The biggest tragedy in this issue is not the team who got snubbed, it’s the player who got the award.

For sure, this maybe the first award he gets, but for the questions to linger on his getting the award. How would you feel if you are in his place?

And, I purposely write this, after the Milo awarding, nothing can be done to change the fact, but what can be done, is hopefully, to avoid a similar situation.

What situation?

The MOA controversy.

Football is a team sport, choosing a Most Valuable Player is difficult for it is subjective. I once talked with a football guy (I forgot if he was with the media or a coach) that an MVP award in football is not a good thing, because football is all about team work.

But choosing the Most OUTSTANDING Athlete, on the oth…

P14 top three


P6 Champions

From Ktec

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Make it clean and funny

Winner gets P100 starbucks gift certificate

The Prediction

"What a nice prediction mike...haha.reporter man ka asa ra dapit taman ang La Nina?...elims? bwahahaha"

"ayo ra unta ug napildi lang sa championship ang gi predict wa pod gani naka semis...hahaha"

Hahay, people just read what they want to read, the humor is lost.

Aside from La Niña winning the Women's Open, I also predicted it will rain at exactly 1:42 p.m.


Last batch


More Pics


Aboitiz Pics


Aboitiz pictures


Aboitiz Pictures

Anyboy who has pictures of the Aboitiz festival, feel free to contribute.

Let's see how good I am at predictions

For the Aboitiz Festival this weekend, according to my RH crystal. Here are the champions.

P6 Pepito
P8 Springdale
P10 Springdale
B12 Don Bosco
B14 Don Bosco (Kung apil tikas, pildi ang DBC sa....)
Mens Open CIS
36-above:team ni coach Mario
G12: San Roque
Womens Open: La Niña
Media drinking contest:ako

Another thing, Mu-ulan pag 1:42, ug mu-undang ang ulan pag alas singko impunto. Usa ra kabuok reporter ang mutan-aw, apan kompleto ang photographer sa matag media outlet.

Na-ay parents mag-away. I-announce sa loudspeaker nga ang CCSC non-smoking zone, pero ang numero unong pasaway usa ka reporter.

Ang dako nga digital nga relo sa M. Lhuillier, dili gamitun.

Ang suga, pagkagabii, mapalya.

Last batch

Q: Who farted? raise your hand

TJ, Carlos: "Pao, na-unsa ka?"
PP: "Wala, mag-sumbagay mi pacquiao"

Q2: "Kinsay gutom"

Pwede pa-tasan goal, mapakong ta

Ako si karate kid

Batch 3

New weight reducing exercise...

TJ: Pao, kuyaw ato kontra, nag sumo wrestling na

Si darna bay, ni-agi sa taas...

Carlos: Ayaw ko ig-a bay, kauban ta

Pwede magpataud ug globelines?

Batch 2


Pacquiao vs. Morales, midair

Paref:Naay sexy nga naka sleeveless sa luyo.
ANS: aay, bayot man na

Ayaw sa nawong.

Referee: Wala ra na sa amung panahun ni Lapu-Lapu ug Magellan

Milo pics batch 1

Goalie: Ka boring sa ako life. Palakawlakaw lang ta ani

I believe I can fly....

Wala nakoy mahuna-huna nga binuang nga caption

Hapit na hurot beer

Kasab-an na ta kumander.

Tanang hulagway sa Milo, gikan ni JP. Taga-Polomolok. Bow

The comments

I have reconfigured the comments settings in the blog. All comments have to be approved, by me, before they get published.

Don't worry, its not about cesorship. It's just that, for the past few days, "porn bots" or "porn comments" got to this blog. (How about that, cebu football is now a target of porn spammers)

I tried the "activate code something" in the blog. But when I did that, nobody, not even me, could post a comment in the blog.

So, I had to activate the "moderate comments" in the blog.

I've been trying to clean up this blog, which is why Riscoh is helping me monitor the cbox.

The comments section, on the other hand, is a different thing. That's why I ask you to bear with me, your comments, will eventually get published once I log on to blogger. You may have to wait for five minutes or five hours. But this is the best solution that I could find.



Milo fotos will be uploaded tomorrow.

The low down on Milo

Don Bosco won its second straight Milo crown.

A player from the runner-up team got the MOA.

Springdale won its first championship. They got the MOA.

This is my third post regarding this issue--don't bother checking all previous posts were deleted after a few minutes--so I decided on the barebones approach--just a simple statement of facts. (I am still planning to write about this in the paper.)

I can't express my opinion here, yet, but you can.

Springdale ends drought in style

FOOTBALL powers Paref-Springdale ended its Milo Little Olympics drought in style yesterday, as the Mario Ceniza mentored squad put on a clinic to beat Abellana National School, 5-0, in the secondary finals.

"We were third placers in the last three years," said Ceniza, whose team is only on its fourth Milo tournament.

Going into the match both teams were expected to slug it out for the crown after hacking out tough wins in the semifinals.

ANS blanked Sacred Heart School-Jesuit, 3-0, while Springdale outlasted Don Bosco College, 1-0.

Yesterday, Springdale's pinpoint passing and a little luck put an early conclusion to the match.

Miles Tiu set the pace of the match as his header off Timothy James Matteo's long throw got staved off.

In the next play, Tiu played the provider after Blui Arriola deflected his corner kick for the first goal of the game.

The lanky Liu again lived off the skills of his teammates after RJ Sembrano's through pass weaved past two ANS defenders to a …

I need help in the cbox.

Lately, a lot of below the belts comments have been posted in the cbox, childish ones.

I can't monitor the cbox 24 hours a day, and I don't want to remove it just because of some idiots.

I need help in monitoring it, and particularly, deleting inappropriate posts.

Any volunteers?

Pabol Girls 12 (with the polka dots)


The medics

Once when I was in fourth year high school, and was watching a football match.

It was the Coke-Go-For-Goal provincial finals, our team then hasn't lost in a finals in nine years. I don't remember the result of the game, though I think we won. What I couldn't forget is what happened late in the second half.

Our striker beat the offside trap perfectly, too bad, the ball was just about midway between him and the goalkeeper.

He went in.

The keeper went in.

Feets clashed. The result?

The ugliest injury I've ever saw. The striker lay down, screaming.

The teachers panicked. The coach couldn't do a thing, the Coke coordinator wasn't there. There was no medics.

So who took charge.

We were the fourth years, just a year out of playing in the Coke go for goal. We ran to the striker, and saw the clean break. To describe it here would spoil breakfast and lunch or dinner.

We couldn't lift him up nor move him. So, somebody ran to the faculty room, got a folding bed and we use…

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