Thursday, September 21, 2006

The comments

I have reconfigured the comments settings in the blog. All comments have to be approved, by me, before they get published.

Don't worry, its not about cesorship. It's just that, for the past few days, "porn bots" or "porn comments" got to this blog. (How about that, cebu football is now a target of porn spammers)

I tried the "activate code something" in the blog. But when I did that, nobody, not even me, could post a comment in the blog.

So, I had to activate the "moderate comments" in the blog.

I've been trying to clean up this blog, which is why Riscoh is helping me monitor the cbox.

The comments section, on the other hand, is a different thing. That's why I ask you to bear with me, your comments, will eventually get published once I log on to blogger. You may have to wait for five minutes or five hours. But this is the best solution that I could find.



Milo fotos will be uploaded tomorrow.

1 comment:

ronaldo said...

the cebu football forum is up and running if you want to start a discussion that isn't at the blog. just click at the link at the right side of this page.

discussions on policies is encouraged there. hope many can participate.