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Fair Play: Chairman Hayco's challenge

EVER since the new mayor took over Cebu City Hall, I’ve gotten to like reading
headlines about him—whether negative or positive.

“Mike gags heads” comes to mind.

Fair Play: Quick, give Glen Soco a football

THIS year, Ceva will reportedly allow two imports per team to make the Gov. Garcia Unity Cup more livelier.

Some will undoubtedly laud this innovative move, while some, won’t.

Fair Play: Councilor Labella takes on Mayweather Sr.

FLOYD Mayweather Sr.’s latest tirade against Manny Pacquiao has not only riled fans, but also Cebu City Councilor Edgar Labella.

Labella wants Senior censured for his latest insults against Pacquiao, who merely shrugged it off.

Fair Play: A series of unfortunate events

SERENA Williams hurt her foot by stepping on a broken glass in a restaurant.

For that little misfortune, the Wimbledon queen will miss the three warm-up events before the US Open, and will most likely even miss the last major of the year.

Now that isn’t something that happens every day.

Fair Play: Cebu's First Naked 23K Marathon

I’M organizing Cebu’s first Naked 23K Marathon, which will be held at the end of the year.

Don’t go CAIB on me, yet!

Fair Play: An unfortunate death

MINUTES into the World Cup final, I still hadn’t decided which team to choose. I was in a room full of Spanish supporters, so I thought, what the heck, I’d go Orange.

That lasted until just about the first yellow card Holland got, and Spain’s supporters grew by one in the finals.

Fair Play: The Derision and paying it forward

I AM mighty tired of the LeBron James drama.

A live global press conference to announce his choice of team? This guy's got a king-sized ego to go with his royal skills.

Fair Play: J and J: Football's comeback kids

DURING a thanksgiving dinner the Cesafi threw for the media last year, I got to talk with commissioner Felix Tiukinhoy about lots of stuffs, some even about the coming May 10, 2010 election.

All those, of course, were off the record and some of the sports-related stuff, too.

Fair Pay: The 25K marathon and the Hand of Suarez

THE organizers of the Pilipinas International Marathon (not to be confused with a defunct event with the same name in Manila) hope to promote Cebu among international runners by organizing a run this Aug. 15.

But I’m afraid they’d only embarrass the city and the local running community.

Fair Play: Roger Federer's inevitable decline

POOR Roger Federer.

This guy makes the quarterfinals—something 120 others couldn’t in a Grand Slam (plus more counting the qualifiers)—and somebody’s popping the question, “Is it the end of his era?”

To be 28 and at No. 2 in the world and be in his decline?

Fair Play: Should Fifa go hi tech?

CALLS for Fifa to adopt video technology in the game have again been renewed after a string of mistakes by referees in the World Cup in Africa—including two crucial calls in the quarterfinal round.

Fifa president for life Sepp Blatter has diplomatically said the option for a video replay, as well as goal line technology, will be reviewed.