Thursday, September 28, 2006

Team Cebu City battles Iloilo today

Team Cebu City will debut against Iloilo in the second game of today's PFF Under-19 Regional Championships in Bacolod City.

The first game will pit the host against Dumaguete City.

Here are the members of Team Cebu City.

1. Cortes, Rommel (ANS)
2. Saranillo, Rodel (ANS)
3. Mejaran, Adrianne (ANS)
4. Arriesgado, Joe Mari (ANS)
5. Arranguez, John Paul (UV)
6. Garciano, Garry (UV)
7. Dolino, Howard Dwight (UV)
8. Soriano, Kyle (USC)
9. Sembrano, Roy Joseph (Springdale)
10. Pascual, Jose Paolo (Springdale)
11. Arriola, Benedict Luis (Springdale)
12. Tirol, John Loius (USC)
13. Bacolod, Cliff (USC)
14. Melgo, Jessie Roy (UC)
15. Batad, Jerome (UC)
16. Sharpe, Michael Daniel (CIS)
17. Atillo, Pomposo USC)

Reserve: Canoy, John Miles (Cebu Distance Learning Center)

Head Coach: Francis Ramirez
Asst Coach: Danilo Ramos


Chicken Bacolod said...

How many teams did CebuFA sent, three? How come we have here 3 line-ups?

mike said...

Chicken Bacolod. One line-up, published three times.
Deleted the other two already.

Chicken Bacolod said...

Ok. At least with three CebuFA Teams, Ill be happy one gets a win today. Thanks Mike. Ill owe you one bacolod chick

Boomer said...

Gud luck to the Cebu Football U-19 team. We know that you can qualify to the national finals. Basta just play all your hearts out.

Booemer said...

Gud luck to the Cebu Football U-19 team. We know that you have a chance to qualify to the national finals. just play all your hearts out.

ronaldo said...

this is a very potent lineup. i was expecting that their positions will also be posted but ok lang.

if i'm not mistaken, only arriola, canoy, melgo, bacolod and atillo are first-timers under ramirez' system. but arriola, bacolod and atillo are familiar with the other players since they have been facing each other in high school.

i have witnessed the sharpe-sembrano-batad-soriano offensive diamond and these four know each other's moves pretty well, especially when soriano is attacking midfield with sharpe in front of him. tirol is an excellent sweeper/stopper though his height is a cause of some concern. sarranilo and cortes are very tough, though i hope they can keep their tempers and emotions in check.

good luck to the team.

roberto said...

go cebu.
okey lang if you lost to iloilo. The score is not that bad. Just keep it up and dont be discouraged. This is point system anyway and theres no finals and we"re after the top two slots. Theres still hope

eL-boi said...

....tArunGA duwA niNyo hA...pra mAka chAMpion mo woI....

ronaldo said...

i just came back from a two-day trip to manila, wherein i saw a very sad sight. no, it's not the damage caused by typhoon milenyo, though i did get to see more than a dozen of thoses giant billboards lyinging down or straddling Edsa. the sight i saw that wrenches every footballers heart was a football field, with a pitch so perfectly level, grass immaculately cut, goals with brandnew nets, in a location so unexpected for a highly urbanized area - it was located right at the center of Ortigas Crossing just across Rustans - yet nobody was playing football.

there was a sign on the fence "bawal ang mag-laro dito. for employees' use only". yeah sure, adults wearing white doped up from paracetemol exposure running around chasing a black and white ball.

just a stone's throw from the Rizal Capitol, this field located inside the compound of a drug company was easily more than 70 x 120 meters. shucks, no wonder we are ranked so low.

i then got a text message which sent me to my second disappointment of the day. "gud pm sir. pilde mi iloilo 1-3. dili man kaau mi kahibalo sa lihok sa uban gud."

don't worry kid, you still have 2 more years of eligibility to play as U19. hopefully we can get back at them next year.

i know the potential of our players. i've seen them play. but what we lack really is consistent exposure to full sided matches. it is not at assurance that we will dominate but it is most probably the best preparation we can do.

the U19 eliminations ended 3 weeks before the regionals. that simply is not enough time to bring in 7-8 reinforcements and expect them to blend with the holdovers and play cohesively. that would be wishful thinking.

this is were CebuFA should focus their attention on - find a way for our players from P12 up - to have more full sided matches. if we can have league type formats wherein each team gets to play 8-10 matches per tournament than we would definitley be better prepared. let's have a goal of at least 2 tournaments a year for the P12 above brackets.

i just read John Pages' interview of Maximo and again all i see is promotion, promotion, promotion. cebufootball has been properly promoted already. it's time we actually start to improve it.

i read the contents at the cbox and i have to say that football is football. let me just add that the different formats -small sided matches, lightning festivals, etc. - should be considered as a supplement to full sided matches. our quality of play will eventually be judged on how we perform in full sided matches.

ronaldo said...

Pages wrote that Maximo showed him a "two-page program".

how effective and comprehensive a football development program can be when it is only two pages long ? and why show it to Pages, but not to someone like, say Mike Limpag, who can post it here or write about it so that the entire cebufootball community can know about it ?

ronaldo said...

surely there must be plans on the shelf that would fill more than two pages. i posted a while back regarding dividing the province into several football districts based on political lines and the details as well as comments and proposals from other posters could fill up more than 5 pages (Arial font, 10pt). adopting the InterCebu league concept and applying it to provincial football districts also took up more than 2 pages.

we had several threads showing details of a Cebu League which included financial proposals, format types and some tournament and sanctioning rules that was easily 8 pages long. we even have data-base threads detailing the data-collecting procedure that could easily have been also 2 pages long. we had proposals concerning festival-formats that would also fill several pages.

that red horse division thread though is still unbeatable. hope we can get back to that.

my point here is that after four years, we deserve to have more than just 2 pages of a cebufootball development plan. that Pages interview looked more like an advance pitch for another CebuFA term of office. look, why not just formulate and implement the plan now and not just show snipets or make promises of what can be done IF they will be in power for another four years.

i'll make everyone a deal. if CebuFA formulates an applicable development plan and implement it before their term expires, i myself will campaign for them to be granted another term. a development plan approved by a majority of the community will mean that we will be following programs and policies instead of personalities. i will not care who sits on the CebuFA board as long as a program we all agree on is in place.

anonymous said...

unsay results sa duwa sa u19 yesterday??

jonny said...

Friday :

Cebu - Iloilo 1-3
Dumaguete - Bacolod 1-1

Saturday :

Bacolod - Cebu 3-1
Dumaguete - Iloilo 2-0

Sunday :

Cebu - Dumaguete 8 am
Iloilo - Bacolod 10 am

Results today ?

Riscoh said...

I think everybody now agrees with you Ronaldo, You have been telling everybody about having a league. A lot of people have been against you and I think they now realize the outcome of always playing festivals.

I really hate to say this, but I feel the need to voice out.

Ive read about Maxi's propaganda. I agree with you Ronaldo, this is just to make sure that he can keep his position. I really dont mind who gets to be the CebuFA boss as long as he can get to job done and make sure he could help the kids, not just play football but also improve their game. Others might say, It's the coaches responsibility damn ass! How can a coach develop these players when they only get to play small sided games and most regional or national tournaments are played 11 a side.

From what Ive read, Maxi has been the CebuFA boss for a couple of years already, how come he hasnt given any importance to giving these kids a full sided tournament? Why? He was once a "Varsity", he could have easily figured this out. dont you think?

Whats with this Futsal thingy? Is this much more important than having full sided games? Im sure Cebu has enough teams already....

And Maxi could have pick somebody better to write stuffs about him coz The article was so cheap even the title " the max" What the hell, it sounded like Chris Aquino. sorry am I reading the show biz section or the sport section, you need a Red Horse, buddy. Mike I hope this is not you and Im pretty sure its not you......

ronaldo said...

most of the U19 team players are still eligible to play for 1-2 more years in the division.

consuelo de bobo ?

far from it. it just raises the question - where the hell are our 17 and 18 year old players ? is our talent pool so shallow that we have to send players 2 years younger than the rest of the other teams ? sure, the line-up was a coaching decision but it would have been better if we had a deeper talent pool to fish from.

many of our 17-18 yr olds who were excellent players in high school took up college courses that prevents them from being part of their college varsity. some cannot afford to go to school (or dropped out) and are not members of a football club thus their football playing days are temporarily put on hold.

i personally know several former MVP's and best-in-their position awardees of Coke-Go-for-Goal regional tournaments who are qualified for the U19 who are no longer playing. we have so many 17-18 yr old homegrown talents (not counting players from the provinces who are here for schooling) that has stopped playing because of their school schedules.

now, i'm the last person who will suggest that they prioritize football and put their education on the backseat. what i'm getting into is that we should have a special program in place that allows non-varsity players access to training so that they can continue playing without sacrificing their studies.

complicated ? no, not really.

i'm thinking in the line of the CFE concept. select 17-19 yr olds from an open try-out who are non-varsity and train them early in the morning before classes. it doesn't even have to be done everyday. then have this training pool participate in the Aboitiz league and festivals. give them consideration by allowing them a lineup of 30-40 instead of 22 since class schedules may allow only 15 of them to show up on game day.

this non-varsity training pool could then participate in CebuFA U19 local eliminations against regular varsities and clubs. the object of this concept is to deepen our talent pool and to encourage our players to continue playing despite a hectic school load.

Rico said...

well, what else is new, another typical "crab mentality" attitute