The Fair Play Fairies

TIME indeed—as the old cliché goes—flies fast. It doesn’t seem like it, but I’ve been appearing in these pages for a year now, exactly.

That’s eight times a month for a year, with no missed schedule.

That’s at least 96 pieces! I say at least because sometimes after writing one, I discard it and start another one the next day.

Anyway, now that I haven’t somehow bungled out of this gig in the past year, I’m going to hold my own sports awards—the Fair Play Fairies. It is for the people who made these pages’ headlines and for those who caught my fancy in the past 12 months.

It is something I will do every time this column turns a year older. It’s a smart move, really. Aside from having an excuse for not having to find new material, I also get to remind my bosses that hey, this column’s a year older, time for that raise. Loose purse makes for good writing, you know. Right, Cheking?

SORE FAIRY. This award goes to Ratanachai Sor Vorapin, the favorite ex-champ whipping boy in this side of the world. You want to add an ex-champ in your boxing resume? Call Vorapin. Just make sure, he won’t give you a roundhouse kick like he did against Ramie Laput last May.

’DI KA OK FAIRY. Now this one, I proudly present to the parents of the USC elementary basketball team for showing us how parents should NOT act in the Cviraa. That Cebu City uses the moniker Niños makes these sore losers’ deed more embarrassing. Their principal deserves a citation too, for condoning their actions.

FAIRY GODMOTHER. The CEC Dragons badly need one. It says a lot if reporters start writing their team “only lost by 50 points.” The Dragons set the record for futility in the Cesafi, and I hope a Fairy Godmother saves their basketball program. TOOOOOTTT!!!! TOOOOTTTT!!! All Aboard!!!

TOOTH FAIRY. BAP has endured more reincarnation than the favorite tikbalang in bad horror movies. This dead entity is more alive and kicking this year, thanks to the SBP. It seems this mess won’t end because nobody’s telling the whole tooth! Thank you guys for saving Philippine basketball! I just wonder though, if we are better off pulling our own tooth.

OLD BUT STILL GOOD. Efren Reyes and Francisco Bustamante for beating former world champions Ralf Soquet and Thorsten Hohmann to become the first repeat champions of the World Cup of pool. These old guys succeeded where the supposedly present top guns of Pinoy pool failed, winning the title in the toughest possible place—the Philippines.

CRAZY FAIRIES. This one is for all lunatics who wake up at dawn—heavy downpour and all—just to run. You folks are certifiably nuts. You need a straightjacket, not a singlet, and you keep the sport alive and well in Cebu, sans any support from the national body.

I hope other sports will be populated by nuts like you.

BEST FAIRIES. This one is for all of the readers for making this gig a blast, for my friends and family who made Fair Play a part of their lives. To Ninong Romy for cutting out each piece; to Dr. Joel for providing high quality fotos for my blog; to Maximo, the first writer of the Limpag clan; to my bros, and future Fair Play critics Dylan, Lennon, Bea, Chloe, CJ and Liam.

Just remember, to get this party kick-started, invite a couple of friends, make sure they vote for Senator Benig…wait a minute, I’m in the wrong season!

Till the next Fairies.

By the way, did you know I haven’t missed a single column for the past 12 months? Not even once! Katching!!!

P.S. The winners’ diamond-studded, gold plated, two-foot piñata-trophies are on hold, pending my earnings in a future stint as THE ONLY half-time reporter in ESPN boxing and my syndicated, front-page, above the fold column.


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