Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fair Play: Cesafi boxing and a wacky pitch for Sir Jack

SHARAPOVA should be today’s topic, but I’ll start off with reactions to the punch in Cesafi football and a new Team Cebu City 

Here’s a reaction to the punch from “Ronaldo,” a regular visitor in my blog even before I got this space: “The punching incident happened between the fullback and the striker at the UV side of the field. There were other UV players nearby. The ongoing play was at the center of the field on the UC side and not on the sideline….It’s difficult to believe the claim of the linesman that he did not see anything. But then, many referees and linesmen are biased for this particular team. Everyone in Cebu football knows that…” 

Although the refs didn’t include the incident in their report, UC has already filed a complaint. How Cesafi resolves the punch that never happened should be interesting. 

Regarding referees, Ronaldo has a point. I’ve seen strange things in Cebu football, like an off-duty ref, while in uniform, giving pointers to another team in the sidelines. However, though I do agree questionable calls occur, I don’t think an official will just look the other way if somebody punches another on the field. I maybe wrong, but in this case, I surely hope I am not. 

As to biases, perceived or blatant, issues like these never go away. I’m not a referee, never was, and I am not connected with any team, so when I see calls that doesn’t jibe, like a card that should have been given, I just think that the referee’s standard for “rough play” might be too high—bali-an pa man bag-o ma yellow card. Coaches, players and fans don’t have that luxury. 

Poor calls may be a factor in that game but the incident didn’t result to another brawl and that is a credit to UC and the officials. Why it got physical… 

OUTDATED ABOITIZ. Aside from the punch, I also got a few e-mails from “,” regarding the outdated schedules at (I think they have updated it). After an unpleasant send-to-all e-mail that said, “The schedules come from CFA themselves, so I wouldn’t worry about that. Maybe it is just a timing issue because CFA is quite late in providing updates that we are implementing. I think Mike is expecting that the updates are real-time,” this dude asked me if I could e-mail my articles so their website will have news content. 

Very nice. If it was anyone else who got that e-mail, it would have attracted a reply filled with four-letter words or future articles of their event will only have one paragraph. But I am nice. 

After a few more e-mails, the picture I got is, is only for players. They forgot the fans. It is commendable that the Aboitiz Cup has decided to put up a website but I hope they improve the way they run it. Otherwise, it will be a waste of bandwidth. And you should worry about that. 

ROOKS AND TEAM CEBU CITY. I learned from my former boss that Cebuanos represented Bislig and won third place during the National Inter- Province tournament. I didn’t know that “piracy” was also rampant in chess. I thought it was football’s signature (the NCR team having an all-Ilonggo squad). With the latest announcement from Councilor Jack Jakosalem, Cebuanos need not represent other cities as a Team Cebu City Chess will now be formed. 

Unfortunately, Councilor Jack was disappointed to learn there are only a few tournaments for the team but I have a wacky idea for Jack the Wack. It’s about (hold on to your coffee Sir Jack) international stints. 

Let’s just send one or two of the most promising Cebuanos in tournaments in neighboring countries. They may not win even one title, but I’m sure, along the way, they’d pick up an IM or even GM norm or two. 

Eventually we’d have a true blue grandmaster, courtesy of Team Cebu City… Now back to favorite blonde… 

Shoot, I ran out of space for Maria…darn it... 



ronaldo said...

Oi, na starring ko. Hehehehe.

Anyway, time for something very petty.

Been reading the local football sport news writeups of different dailies, and I'm wondering why sportswriters are labeling teams as 1st seed or 2nd seed. If this was tennis, I would understand the application, but this is a team sport with a cup/league format. Unless there was actually a team ranking done BEFORE the tournament started that resulted in a bracketing based on team seeding, then the term "seed" would have been applicable. (I obviously don't have anything else to say).

Top-seed or top-ranked team isn't applicable. "Team leading in the standings" would be. "Top seed team ____" isn't.

Mike Limpag said...

Na hang over sa ubang sports ang mga writers..Never did use that before...

Bay Ronaldo, andam na autograph, I think that is the first of many of your appearances sa Fair Play..

ronaldo said...

Oi, nindot na nga naay magpa-autograph. Puede ta mangayo og signing fees.

Anyway, I have to comment on the playing venues. In the P14, I don't think the teams and the players are playing to their full potential because of the narrow Springdale field. The field may be sufficient for P12 but definitely not for P14. Perhaps CFA can transfer the venue to USJR-Basak Campus which is more suitably sized although the pitch is slightly sloping and uneven.

I wonder if the MEPZ field can be used for a fraction of the field fees cost. But with no "home club/team" associated with the field, I doubt if it could be done.

The CCSC field would have been good for Men's division, allowing USC-Talamban field for the B17 and the G17. The San Roque Field could then be used for the P14 and P12 with Springdale for the P10. The DBTC field could still host the P8.

I got to see all the divisions playing today (from the CESAFI games at TC to San Roque to Springdale then to DBTC), and it reminded me of the football days of the early 80's when we transfered to and fro from San Roque, CIS (Banilad), Pope John (BJS), Country Club (Banilad) for the games. Like what is being adopted today, different divisions had different venues.

The CFA tournaments were then sponsored by San Miguel Corp., when the Sorianos still managed the company. Opening day saw a grand parade from the SMC compound to San Roque. All the teams had free uniforms with names like Coke, Royal, BMEG Feeds, SMB, Cerveza Negra and Lagerlite. Shinguards weren't required then, but the innovative ones fashioned shinguards from engine oil containers, styropor, foam, rolledup newspapers and cardboard. The shorts were short, and the jerseys body-fit (we had pan de sal abs back then, not the beer bellies we have now).

CFA obviously needs to improve on certain things, most importantly the officiating. There were a lot of officiating complaints heard at the Springdale and DBTC venues. I hope we can attract more former players to become officials very very soon.

The CFA Board members rotate watching the games in each venue. So far, a CFA board member is always present in each venue, so at least we know they are doing their best to monitor the games. If we cannot have more officiating officials, then at least we should have or develop more table officials to ease the burden on the refs.

ronaldo said...

Mag andam lang ko og stamp pad para authograph. Unya mag charge lang ta sa autograph signing fees aron maka kwarta ta gamay. Share lang ta 50-50 sa proceeds.

Yesterday, I managed to view all of the football venues, from CESAFI at TC, to the Aboitiz games at San Roque, Springdale and DBTC fields. Over at the Springdale field, the common comment among the coaches was the small size of the field for B12 and B14 competitions. The narrow pitch prevented any significant sideline plays. At the DBTC venue, the new referees was the problem, as officiating was inconsistent.

Congratulations to Don Bosco Technology Center for winning the CESAFI High School football crown. By the way, the tournament officials and managers reported several facts wrong. First, there was no High School CESAFI football tournament last season (2007-2008) because they failed to organize one. DBTC won the last CESAFI High School tournament during the 2006-2007 season. Second, the DBTC scorers were Limalima off a penalty, Ricamora off an assist by Nacorda, and Noel off a freekick from close to halfcourt. Ricamora's 6th tournament goal thus earned him the Golden Boot award for the tournament.

Mike Limpag said...

Nag-unsa ka Sabado bay? Referees' inspector? Football moms inspector? Or Tour de Football?

ronaldo said...

Na sobrahan lang sa walay lingaw, mao nang naka suroy dyud.

Banilad road was so heavy that taking the turnaround route allowed me to pass by San Roque for a quick look. Then off to pass by Aboitiz field, which obviously still needs time for the grass to fully grow. Then DBTC for some P10 games then the last P14 game at Springdale. Mo apply unya ko sa SunStar for roving reporter.Putbol ray akong ibalita!!!

Kanang football mom inspector mao nay nindot aplayan, apan basin ma putlan ta og ulo. Anhi lang sa ko kutob kay mo dalikyat ko sa DB-Liloan kay naay mga Ladies ron didto!!!