Wednesday, October 22, 2008

UV fan saves Fair Play

MY MIND took an impromptu vacation the past few days and a heavier than usual workload meant I couldn’t think of a topic for today's column issue.

However, a check for reactions from previous posts in my blog saved me from a non-appearance today.  Here's from someone who identified himself as Visayanian ( and guest100 ( I'm just including excerpts and have edited some parts.

"I have read the news last week.. please, ayaw himu-a og blog ang imong newspaper column…Its not about your emotion to just put something nga dili tinuo-d on your column or blog… ma uwaw pud intawun ka..Have you been to UV? or been a student of UV? Have you experienced being a varsity of UV? to figure out it all? I guess not… so wake up and live your life as a looser. Be professional next time when you write your column because you sound like an insecure individual of U.V achievements…..Dili unta mi ma accredited sa Pacucua if you think the students in our school are dumb…."

First, like most of the other columnists in the paper, my  previous entries are saved in a blog, but that doesn't mean I just rant and write about anything, like I used to do in my previous blogs. Second, because of the blog, thanks to the blog, you got to air your piece didn’t you? And finally, please don't put words in my mouth, I never said I thought UV students are dumb. The top honcho in this paper is an alumna of your school. Why would I risk getting fired for such an irresponsible comment?

 "Are you sure it was a punching incident? or somebody told you so? Were you there that day when the incident happened? Or you were there but you did not see the incident? Did you clarify this through DUE PROCESS? Or are you just being led by your emotion and opinion? Clarify it first before you write or comment on this page… Kamo sad mga ref para walay mag ingon ana..ayaw mo pataka og call or tarunga jud ninyo. …puro lang na pasikat inyo sa news unya wa gihapon moy ayo….ref man jud ang sala nganong na ingon ato to.. wa man gani ko kita nga ga tan-aw ko, ref naba, ikaw naba.

Oh well.  I thought I made it obvious that I didn't see the incident, that's why I started the "Punch that never happened" column with "By all accounts," and even expounded that to "I got to the venue at halftime and was surprised to learn the UV captain to have done it.." But I guess, it wasn't that obvious.

For the record, I never saw the punch.  Had I seen it.  It wouldn't have been entitled "the punch that never happened," it would have went something like, "The disgrace that is UV," or, as I am wont to do, something like, "Dear Mr. Tiukinhoy, please put up Cesafi boxing," but I didn't.  Also, the four officials, though they didn't see it, never refuted one witness when he went to the table to talk about the punch. Perting igu-a sa nawong was how he described it to me and a couple of officials.

Now, if sports reporters are not to write what they didn't see, I guess there won't be a single word written about Cesafi football since aside from me and the Sun.Star football beat reporter, you can't find a reporter in Cesafi football games, just like there is none in Aboitiz Cup matches. (But why Cesafi matches get media mileage, is another story).

Blame the refs for all you want, but it wasn't them who threw the punch.  Now, if you say there was no punch, then that puts a more interesting spin in this whole incident. That means UC is filing a false complaint backed by fraudulent mental and dental certificates. Are they? What happened to the striker then? Did he punch himself, or did he grab the captain's hand, and punch himself with that one?

Anyway, thanks for dropping by, you saved me in today’s issue.

JACK THE WACK.  My rejoinder on Jack the Wack's plan to put up a Team Cebu City chess got a comment from Councilor Jack himself.  When I suggested that Cebu sends one or two of its best players to tournament abroad, where they could get their IM or even GM norms Sir Jack said, "We'll do it!"

Well, Cebu City chess players, what are you waiting for?  I believe you now know how to contact Jack the Wack?



ronaldo said...

Enough of the "punch". Let's talk about Team Cebu City and football.

I approve of the concept or essence of TCC squads. Since sporting events that are LGU based are cropping up, it would be a good move on the part of the different LGU sporting commissions to set up their different sporting teams.

Many sporting events are sanctioned by, or needs the sanction of the different sport associations, thus there may be the need for qualifying tournaments or a selection process. For Cebu City, since we have a lot of atheletes who compete under Cebu City based schools or clubs, I would like to see a qualifying tournament for each sport, sponsored by the city, and open for all atheletes.

For football, I would like to see a tournament participated on by the schools and clubs based in Cebu City. This would be an easy thing to do, with CFA sanctioning and managing it. Of course, the option of asking the CFA to conduct a tryout for a selection is also there, although a tournament will allow us to have more games and a selection process that will enable the coaching staff to observe the player in action.

Obviously, I'm thinking about the POF tournaments, but what's stopping us from visioning for a similar tournaments that also has other sports like dance, table tennis, swimming, etc. It may be parallel to the DepEd Palaro (which is limited to schools), but such a competition is open to both students AND out of school youth.

I hope the good councilor Jack can find the idea applicable and can get the support of Hizzoner. That way, we will not have a second coming of the ANS-Cebu Province team incident.

guest100 said...

Okay..ut the crap out of the punching...we did not witnessed it anyway. ok. I have heard that POF stuff..Did someone from the Sringdale parent who is close to Margot Osmeña told alot regarding the recent POF stint in dumaguete.

Springdale should be proud because the fought for the championship crown and not cebu province (Abellana School)..Why should the players suffer for the glitches that their superiors did?

Players are just playing and did not take part of such sponsorship transactions.... PLayers just wanted to play...Tomas O. banned the school..Why the hell not bann the Coach or the Principal who approve their trip?

Abellana School could win the gold medal this coming City Olympics if they can make it to play. (If TOMAS O. care to mind football to bring Cebu City Football Team all the way from CVIRAA to Palarong Pambansa..


ronaldo said...

Bai Mike, ikaw na lang bahala aning guest100 kay pirteng sakita na dyud sa akong mata sa iyang iningles. Wala dyud nako makuha unsay gusto niyang ipasabot.

Kung gusto dyud mo og klaro nga sanction, ang mga player og ang ilang mga ginikanan mismo unta ang ni adto sa DepEd og sa mayor unya ni insister unta sila nga nisunod ra ang mga bata sa coach. Unsa may nagpugong ninyo sa pagbuhat og pamaagi aron ma wagtang ang coach diha sa ANS kung klaro dyud nga siya'y problema.

Mike Limpag said...

Dili required ang English diri.

Daghang salamat