PFF vs. the CFA

The PFF president has drawn the line. All you football fans out there, it's time to show our love for Cebu football.

Forget your differences. It's not the time for bickering.

Now is the time to unite.

Support the CFA.

"Excerpt of letter of the PFF to the CFA"
Because of the present pressing relationship between the PFF and your association, and your stubborness to continue to directly deal with the AFC instead of PFF, shows me a clear picture of arrogance. It has also left me no choice but to decide for CFA to go on its own directions towards Vision Philippines.

The PFF is giving you two working days from the date of this letter to decide whether or not PFF will need to decide drastic moves and changes due to your actions or non-action thereof."

Mr. Martinez, my English comprehension is pretty good. Did you not say you will resign as PFF president if you
can't make football the No. 2 most popular sport in the country?


MikeH said…
Im sure he thought everyone would forget his "promise".

Whats this letter about?
graeme mackinnon said…
Mike you would have to think that from that letter to the CFA that the PFF President has a certain overseas ????? writing his letters for him.

. . . left me no choice but to decide for CFA to go on its own directions towards Vision Philippines. . . . OMG DUH UH UH WTF

. . . to go on its own directions towards Vision Philippines.. . . It is WEILLERESQUE at its very best.

Mari the pressure of this job is getting to you.

What is a "pressing relationship between two associations"? I know what a pressing relationship is at a motel after dark but a pressing relationship between two associations?? Maybe he thinks the relationship is screwed.

He talks of arrogance. Surely the fact that he has reneged on his PROMISE, IS ARROGANCE PERSONIFIED. What a mess and it is not getting any better
Uno said…
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