Friday, July 12, 2013

Fair Play: Making the top 10 percent....

I REMEMBER the very first time I teed off in a golf tournament. It was five years ago in Bacolod City and I thought I was  going to be with fellow neophyte sports editors from Davao City in the media division of the PAL Interclub Golf tournament.

I was second to tee off in our flight and instead of going north, the ball I hit went north east, straight to another green.

Talk about an embarrassing debut.  What made it every more embarrassing was that I was the only neophyte in the group.

The next day, I never showed up for the second round.

On Monday, I hope to have fun again, and this time, I hope my fellow sports editors Rick Gabuya and Manny Villaruel will share the misfortune. The three of us were invited to join the media tournament as part of the launching of the Aboitiz Invitational at the Cebu Country Club.

I've been to the CCC numerous times but I've never walked the course, so this should be interesting.  Of course, it is events like this that can help you appreciate the sport more.  I've written a lot of golf stories and I've watched as a student-deportee in the mid 90s and saw that young Tiger Woods win his first major by a mile (21 strokes, was it?).

This should be interesting. (And it's a good thing there's no POC-PSC criteria to pass before you'd get a golf club. Sorry I couldn't resist.)

Also, last Thursday, I picked up my registration form for the 13K division of the 8th University Run on Aug. 18.  I told Doc Yong Larrazabal that I was choosing between the 6K and the 13K and he said that I should go for the longer one.  I didn't tell him at that time but running the 6K in the University Run--which I did two years ago--is more pleasing to the eyes as there are a lot of pretty students in the shorter distances.

Yeah, yeah, yeah but runners have different styles and motivation and for me running among these group makes the experience more fun.

For the 13K, I hear the sight at the two bridges would make it a unique experience and I'll guess I'll have to see it for myself.

I've been running on and off for a couple of months now at the Cebu Business Park and I hope to do that more frequently before Aug. 18.

I have no target whatsoever for the University Run, unlike before when I was a bit ambitious. The last time, I planned to be among the top 10 percent of the finishers--10 percent, not top 10--and I also aimed for that in the Sinulog Marathon.  It's actually easy to make that target, I was about a hundred plus in the 6K in the University Run in 2011, which had a total of 4,000 runners in all divisions so that made me a top 10 percent finisher. Same thing with the Sinulog Marathon.  But this time, though, I'll just run and hope to finish by sundown.

PINOY PRIDE.  Some of the Cebuano sportswriters will be at the posh Solaire Hotel and Casino tonight for Merlito Sabillo’s title defense in Pinoy Pride.  I’d leave the analysis to the boxing scribes but you know what popped into my crazy mind?

What if Pinoy Pride will add a media division?

Now THAT, will really be interesting.

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