Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Part Four

All Pics courtesy of JP
This is just the first batch. More pics to come.

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Riscoh said...

Sign up lang sa http://www.picturetrail.com/
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roberto said...

Who are their opponents in red? Looks like our Cebu boys are really small with exception of Arriola. By their looks, they are one or even two years younger. Where are our 19 year olds?

ronaldo said...

take a look at the U19 players in our collegiate and commercial teams and try to recall the 2004 and 2005 U17 players. members of those two batches make up less than half of our 2006 U19 squad.

try to recall the U17 players of two years back from Sacred Heart, USC, USJR and USP. except for 3-4 players, the others have stopped playing. even a majority of the Abellana and Don Bosco players have stopped.

the demands of school took it's natural toll. some courses doesn't give their takers time for football. like what i said in the other thread, i know several coke go for goal awardees who are no longer playing because of this.

that's why we see a lot of U17 players competing in the U19 eliminations. they were taken in because the teams couldn't form a lineup made up of 18 year olds. Hiroshi/UV took in Springdale players, UC had DBC players, USC had CIS. this is where Iloilo, NOFA and NORFA have a big advantage over us. their U17 players continue playing at this stage and they have such a deep talent pool that any losses to scholastic demands are easily replaced.

for us to compete, we may be forced to keep together a select group of U17 players and keep them together for 2 years for U19 competitions. it's a good concept but it still doesn't address the problem of talented home grown players leaving the sport.

we ought to have a special program for this age-group. perhaps the CFE program - when it reaches this particular age level - will take care of this problem as far as U19 competitions go, but we need to address the fact that many players stop playing when they reach this age group and lose momentum in their development as skilled players.

at 17-23 years old, this is a very critical stage for players since this is when their skills start to mesh with their understanding of the game. unfortunately, this is also the time when education takes priority above anything else.

at this stage, those with money to spare can continue paying for private lessons but what about those who cannot and have no access to training and playing competitively. do we view them as collateral damage or do we take an active part in keeping them in the sport.

i would like CebuFA to address this situation. a special program perhaps that will provide free training for non-varsity players. by having such a program, we not only deepen our U19 pool but also continue developing our home grown players.

ronaldo said...

perhaps, we can alter the CFE program to handle this concern. for example, when the first CFE batch reaches 17 years old, we can find a way to open up their training to allow homegrown players who didn't make it to the program in the previous tryouts to try again for the squad.

ronaldo said...

one other thing, if the B12 and the B14 competition will be done simultaneously, does this mean that B12 players cannot play in B14 or will CebuFA allow it.

some teams may have a problem completing their B14 lineups, some B12 players may be mature and good enough to play in B14. does CebuFA have a policy on this ?

roberto said...

Good ideas Ronaldo on the U19. I hope CFA realizes that attrition of players is the major reason we lost. Most of our players are simply too raw compared to those in Negros/Ilolilo. I dont think it was really caused by their lack of practices. Our talent pool is simply dwindling. Initially, I though this would only happen in smaller schools like Paref or CIS but I noticed even bigger ones like Don Bosco, Abellana and others are losing players too for various reasons- losing interest, losing to other sports, even immigration of families abroad is now a factor.

I hope CFA will allow B12 players to play in B14 teams otherwise some if not most schools will have a hard time completing full-sided line-ups.

Bernard said...

One of our major problem in playing on a national competition is that, we were only given weeks to prepare. Other teams prepare for months or even years. Our Cebu FA officials still doesn't know the essence of team work. They should had made the elimination much earlier so that the team can prepare well or instead of an elimination, form the core of the team a year earlier and expose them to the mens competition for there exposure.
So lets start it with the current u-19 team, we know that the majority of the team is still eligible to play next year and adding new members form the training pool.

ilovecebu said...

this team is the best kulang lang sa geling........ and praktis...

ronaldo said...

B12 competing in B14 is quite common, but it was previously done when the tournaments for both age groups didn't go on simultaneously. B12 can be scheduled on saturdays and B14 on sundays but my concern really is if it will be good for a B12 player to play in two age groups at the same time. he runs the risk of injuries and over fatigue.

anyway, it would be great watching games the whole weekend. one concren though that i hope CebuFA will address immediately. i hope that we will not have only 3-4 refs officiating the whole day (4-5 games). these refs will tire at the end of the day and will conserve their energy at the start. this means that they will be more concerned about finishing the day standing up rather than on the quality of their officiating. i have witnessed too many game days were there were only 3-4 refs for 5 games and the officiating really stinked.

by the way, where will the tournaments be held ?

robinho said...

i think theyre still negotiating for ayala field

ronaldo said...

the 2006 U19 team's talents and skills is unquestioned. what we didn't have was the TIME to properly form a cohesive team from individual units. teamwork can only be achieved when they have played together for some time and has developed an understanding of everyone's moves.

that's why i keep saying that for regional and national tournaments wherein preparation is at a minimum, simply send the champion team rather than a team of champions.

i don't know why the schedule of the eliminations and the regionals was so near to each other. perhaps CebuFA wasn't informed on the specific date of the regionals or perhaps the teams weren't ready and may have asked for a postponement. nevertheless, the lack of teamwork is what killed us.

we had a pretty short defensive line and not knowing when to cover when a fullback commits is not an indication that we don't have skilled defensive players. it just shows that they didn't fully know how the other players would react to a certain situation.

this team may well form the core of our U19 team for next year. if their respective varsities allow it, let's keep them together by letting them practice as a team at least 4x a month. lets find a padrino for the squad who can volunteer to oversee their practices. let's have the next U19 tournament just before or after school starts. at that time, the present crop of U17 players would have already tried-out for the college teams and these teams would have already formed their U19 squads. we would then have a deeper talent pool to choose from plus a good 2 months to make that team gel.

getting a team to learn how to play together is dependent on how soon that team can be formed. i don't want to be critical of coach ramirez' decisions but i feel he would have been better off if he choosed more of his own players who have been playing under his system for several years rather than picked-up such a large number of players as reinforcements. in effect, he didn't make his champion team better - he was actually forming a new team of just 2 weeks before the regionals.

Bogs said...

the 2005 aboitiz CebuFA Boys-15 (1990) Cup was held last October 2005. Springdale won and they formed the core of the CebuFA Team. That was the qualifying tournament in preparation for the 2006 PFF Visayas Regional Mens U-17 Finals hosted by CebuFA last July 2006 here in Cebu City. In between the local qualifying and the regional finals was a good EIGHT (8) MONTHS of training and preparation for the team.

Ask NOFA, their U-19 local qualifying, won by West Negros College ended about TWO (2) WEEKS before the 2006 PFF Visayas Regional Mens U-19 Finals which they hosted.

MikeH said...

Whats wrong with using U17 players in the U19 team? If youre good enough and only 17, that shouldnt be an excuse for not using the player/s. Take a look at Bacolod. The goalie is only 15 years old. I dont know how it is in Philippines and the U19 team. But in Europe you play for the U19 team the year you turn 16, and you play for the team for 3 years. What ive also noticed is that none of the mens team use the U19 players. I may be wrong, but thats the impression i have. Correct me if im wrong. The mens team should use the younger players more, that way they can shape them into becoming better players. From a player is 16 to 21 is a critical period for some players. Thats when they show if they have what it takes or not.

ronaldo said...

mikeH, long time since we corresponded. anyway, here's my answers to your questions.

it's not that U17 players shouldn't participate in U19 competitions. the concern i have is where are our U19 talents. there must be something terribly wrong if we cannot find enough talent in our U19 pool that we have to resort to fielding U17 players.

that's basically my point. i have no objection if our U17 talents can more than compete in a higher age-bracket. that in fact would mean we have better and younger players. but that is not my point of concern. i'm simply worried where the hell our U19 players are.

mike said...

Bay Ronaldo

Im not so sure, but I think most of the U19 players played for USC, and UC, which lost in the Cebu qualifiers.

That's just my take, though.

ronaldo said...

bai mike, coach ramirez retained the uv, abellana and springdale players (cortes, saranillo, mejaran, arriesgado, arranguez, garciano, dolino, sembrano, pascual and arriola) who formed the core of the hiroshi team that won the eliminations. he added 8 reinforcements - 5 who played for usc (bacolod, tirol, sharpe, soriano, atillo), 2 from uc (batad, melgo)and canoy.

among the reinforcement, ramirez already coached sharpe, batad, soriano, tirol and melgo in the past. canoy, arriola, atillo and bacolod were the only firstimers to his system and tactics.

additionaly - cortes, saranillo, mejaran, arriesgado, sembrano, pascual, sharpe, soriano and batad were part of ramirez' 2006 CVIRAA and Palaro squad. so, on paper, the players should have already been familiar with each other's moves.

well, not really.

again, i don't want to second guess nor criticize ramirez' decisions and tactics, but the U19 team was formed AFTER these players have adjusted to the system of their collegiate coaches. the USC players under coach fegidero and UC players under coach ramos have different field tactics compared with that of ramirez. sure, having played together in the past, they could have re-familiarize themselves with each other - but not in 2 weeks time.

getting used to a new system and then reverting back to a previous one may be easy for seasoned players but not for 15-18 year olds. we should bear in mind that no matter how talented these boys may be, they are still in their teens and to expect them to mentally and tactically adjust like veterans is to big an expectation.

again, let's keep the core of this team together for another run at the U19. with more full-sided tournaments for them this year, we will be better prepared.

ilovecebu said...

bai, Ang west negros college did not pick up players anymore... solid sila as WNC. and cebu lack of time para sa parctice gyud....