Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fair Play: Dear PSC: Do, or do not. There is no try

In the AFC Asian Women's Cup qualifiers, the Philippine national women's team routed Iran (6-0) and Bangladesh (4-0) and lost a close one to Thailand, 1-0, for one of its best showing ever in an international tournament.

Early this month, an under-strenghth U23 squad also lost a close one to regional powerhouse Singapore, 1-0, in a friendly played in the Lion City.

With some five months to go before the Southeast Asian Games, our football teams are doing well.

Unless of course, you are the Philippine Sports Commission.

You see, the powers that be at PSC wants to send a message--a muffled one if you ask me--against this year's host to express its displeasure as to how the games are conducted.

The PSC wants to send a lean delegation of sure medalists and the Malditas and the U23 Azkals aren't one of them so it's bye-bye to their SEA Games stint.

One problem about this is that even if Myanmar didn't play the Magician with the calendar of events, the PSC has sung the same song since 2001--we will only send sure medalists to the SEA Games due to lack of funds.  For team sports or others who don't qualify, they have to pay their way to the SEA Games.

For this year, SEA Games chef de mission said the football teams won't be seeing action because they aren't sure medalists and their stint in the SEA Games is in jeopardy even if the PFF will be paying for their trip.

Because the PSC is displeased with Myanmar and wants to send the message--that message, of course, will be carried by a lean delegation of medalist, a message that will be lost in translation.

I've always sided with the PSC regarding the Myanmar mess but for me, it should be all or nothing. You want to send a message, what better way than to skip this year's games all together?  But because they have decided to join, the Philippines should field all those who are qualified and those who can.

As my favorite green-skinned friend says, “Do or do not, there is no try.”

We've been sending a delegation of sure medalists since 2001 and look where it has gotten us. Almost always after yet an embarrassing showing in the SEA Games that highlight the lack of sports development in the country there are calls for reforms and for heads to roll at PSC.

With a lean delegation, the folks at PSC has a tailor-made excuse, "why should we quit? We got a few medals because we sent a lean team."
Bravo. The PSC gets an A Plus for protecting its hide.  They are certainly very good at it.  The PSC is supposed to provide funds for all NSAs like the Philippine Football Federation, but because the funds are limited, some NSAs look for other sources of funding. (It’s just curious thought that PSC funds are certainly not short when it comes to various trips by PSC officials to Spain and Latin America to look for talents and study football programs).

Now, we have an NSA that has the money and the momentum to improve the state of football in the country and the vanguards of sports in the Philippines wants to....

This isn’t the first time the PSC and PFF are at odds. First there was the botched deal for the rehab of the Rizal Memorial Stadium.  The PSC balked at the 25-year-deal, saying it needed a DOJ opinion whether it’s allowed to enter into such long a deal. Then they balked because they didn’t want to give up control of Rizal and now for its grand plan for the iconic stadium? Give it up altogether to the highest bidder. They’re selling it.

The PSC should cut the nonsense and allow the PFF to join this year’s SEA Games but if the agency insists on sending a message, why not do that in the form of a resignation letter from all the folks at PSC?

Besides, we’ll all be asking for their resignation after the Myanmar SEA Games.


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-Rhon, nagkuyog ta kaisa sa marshall's pub katong versus singapore or laos ba to ila kontra sa azkals :)