Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fair Play: Coach Weiss has this club's full support

AS ONE of the finalists for the German Football Ambassador search, coach Michael Weiss got to choose the beneficiary of the football equipment from Germany and he choose the Cebu Football Association, which in turn chose 12 local clubs.

Why Cebu?

“It’s the most logical choice. The CFA has been very supportive of the national team in the past,” said Weiss. “And also, they are a model for independence.”

According to Roland Bischof of Deutscher Fussball Bostchafter, two panels of experts sifted through information of German players and coaches all over the world and came up with a final list--Jurgen Klinsmann, Otto Pfister, Holger Obermann, Bernd Stange, and of course, Coach Weiss.

“For me, this honor is almost unimaginable,” said Weiss. “But this is not for me, this is for Philippine football.”

For Bischof, who started the initiative, this is about building relationships and he’s right now in the Philippines, observing local football.

“It’s about showing Philippine football to Europe, to develop football ties,” he said.

And for the recipients of the assistance, Bischof says it’s an affirmation for what they are doing and a motivation to go on.

And one of the recipients liked his club’s growth to what Coach Weiss has done in his message of thanks to the national team coach.

Eric Nacorda, of the Arkiteks United FC, posted on his social media page, “I shook the hand of the man who deserves the title German Football Ambassador…A club I am affiliated with, InayawanFC, which just started, is a recipient of this program…in my mind, Coach Weiss deserves this honor because of where Philippine football is right now, compared to where it was just a handful of years ago. True, this was not a one-man-job, but Weiss was, and is, an integral part on the success the Azkals have done.

Would somebody have done a better job—that is debatable... InayawanFC has its own home “field,” a piece of land that used to be a dumping ground for neighborhood garbage, but thru the efforts of my Arkiteks United FC captain-ball, Josephril Partosa, kids of all ages in the vicinity can now enjoy the game we love. In a way, what InayawanFC achieved is similar to what Coach Weiss is doing—football in a place where it has never been played before....if I have a vote for that award, it definitely goes to him.

Weiss had a big smile when he read that message.

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