Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Project

We’ve all been caught in a traffic jam, once or twice a day, and wished why won’t anybody obey the rules of the road? Why can’t red mean stop once in awhile.

We’ve all had our say, and sometimes, we took that just little bit of leeway to gain an inch, deny another motorist. Or sometimes, we cheered while the driver finally decided to beat the red light, or drive the opposite lane (I know I did).

We’ve had our say.

We’ve all been in this situation before. Once or twice a tournament, we curse the imbeciles of our FAs. They should do this, they should do that. Why are they doing that?

We’ve had our say.

Now is the time to “have our act.”

It’s called The Project.

Donate. Give. Act. Do.

Whatever you can.

It’s not simply about money. I don’t have any. You’ve got books, DVDs, used spikes, magazines—anything football.

If you don’t have any of these, don’t fret. If you're good with computer skills, go check out all the Philippine football videos at youtube, edit it, put it in one DVD. Some kid in a barrio not far away will see that video and promise to himself, “Someday, I will be in that video.”

This is about DOING something.

If you don’t have such skills, fret no more, go tell your friends, spread the news.

Act. Do.

For when the time comes when you get asked what have you done for Philippine football, at least…saying you’ve answered all questions, posts in anything related to Philippine football in all the internet forums won’t be the first thing in your mind.

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Bboy said...

Any update on the website and CFA database...