Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The CebuFA database

After a year’s absence, the Aboitiz Cup will be back, or so said the new CebuFA board.

Good news is, the new board will retain the two divisions for the Men’s Open, while there will be new age groups for Girls Football.

Now the question is, with the recent reshuffling of the teams in the Men’s Open, how will they determine which one gets to play in which division?

Also, this year, the CebuFA will finally take on the registration of individuals for its database.

But this P100 per head is sure going to raise a lot of questions (at least I will).

I may be wrong but there could be at least, a thousand players (more if we consider all the individuals involved in football) in Cebu where does the money go?

As to these database. I’m not such a big fan with how the CebuFA handled the data in their first tournament (Yes the Inter Club was officially a Queen City-organized event, but it still WAS a CebuFA event), will this new database be anything different?

Will these be just scraps or pieces of papers, tucked in a folder and left to rot until the next registration phase? Or

will this be a real database, where anyone who wants to question that “data of a certain player or individual” can access?

We’ll see.

And finally. I asked Richard whether the CebuFA will ever consider putting up a website, they said yes. I hope that happens sooner rather than later.

Putting this database on the CebuFA website, which anyone can access, sounds like a swell idea don't you think?

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