Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The experience

Philippine football’s presence, in the internet, was pretty much as rare as football’s presence in Philippine media.

Then came along and gathered the fans.  The site was basically just a forum, a place where fans gather. The influence of that forum shall forever be felt with the name Azkals, as it was in that forum that the name was coined.

Then came along.  The site gave and continues to give what lacked, football news, columns, updates and of course—the forum.

It can’t be denied that Philippine football is growing, the national team is finding success in the international arena, we are the whipping boys of Southeast Asia no more.

Thanks to the Fil-foreigners.  Thanks to the fans, thank to THE fan.

For it was THE fan, as the story goes, who “discovered” the Younghusbands of Chelsea, from of all things, a PC game. That fan alerted the PFF and the rest, as the cliché goes, is history.

That fan and others like him, is what define Pinoy football and

They are hungry for news and updates, the recent crash of the website during the Asian Challenge Cup shows that hunger.

However, the website is experiencing new territory.

The previous administration simply ignored the site. That’s nothing new.

However, the current administration seems determined to ignore the site, and worse, wants to feel it is being ignored.

If the president was pissed because of the April Fools’ Joke then he should be prepared to deal with the fans' reaction to his actions.  The April Fools' Joke revealed the fool and the joke.

The president can ignore the fans for as long as he wants, after all, he can buy all the space that he can in the papers to proclaim his empty achievements.

But one thing he may have forgotten.

Azkals live and thrive without attention.

Kick ‘em.

Shoo ‘em.

Hit ‘em.

They still thrive.

And sometimes, just sometimes, they bite when least expected.

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