Saturday, December 06, 2008

Fair Play: The famous Gov. Tikasan of the Philippines

ASIDE from honing his speed, power and defense, there is one more important trait Manny Pacquiao should learn going to tomorrow’s fight against Oscar De La Hoya and even in his future mega fights.

How to say no.

Out of the dozens or so daily articles coming out of the US for the Pacquiao fight, one struck me most (and sorry internet readers, this story didn’t come out in

A report said that Pacquiao has spent close to P32 million for tickets, plane fare and hotel accommodation for friends—and those who think of themselves as “his friends”—who asked for it.

The report didn’t mention who these friends are but merely said some “are politicians and showbiz personalities who can well afford to pay for what they want for free.”
Oh, gee.

One politician once described Manny in an interview with HBO sports for the 24/7 episode as “the biggest natural resource of the Philippines.”
Now I know what he meant.

Pacquiao is one tough boxer. I just hope, aside from honing his power and speed, he also masters the skill of saying “no” to these freeloading stars and politicians.

(Freeloading stars and politicians? I like the sound of that. I think it goes with “criminal lawyer” as one of those redundant terms.)

Speaking of politicians, what was former governor and current Deputy National Security Adviser Luis Chavit Singson doing in the presidential table during the final press conference? Was he hoping to score a gig as a consultant for the venue’s casinos?

Whatever he thought it was, perhaps his latest experience with Bob Arum may dissuade him from showing his butt where it isn’t needed.

A clip on GMA’s website shows Bob Arum murdering Singson’s name so badly I think it was done intentionally.

I’ve played the clip more than a couple of times and I think Arum introduced Singson first as “Governor Takasan…” or was it Tikasan with an American twang.

Then if you pay real attention, you can hear someone, who sounded like Pacquiao, in the background correcting Arum, “Chavit Singson.”

Arum then said something like, “Packagingson...” then added, “Whatever.”

Though the GMA report said Gov. Whatever merely laughed it off, I know an incident such as that is sure to pique somebody’s interest so I looked for interesting tidbits in the website and found one.

A report said Arum told mediamen after the press conference that Pacquiao’s camp had a man who shouldn’t have been there. It also stated that when Arum introduced
Singson, he described him as “a famous governor from the Philippines, Gov. Takasan…”

Saying someone is a “famous somebody,” and proceeding to butcher his name is indirectly saying, “You may think you’re famous, but you’re in my turf now and you’re a nobody.”

OUTCOME. I’ve been asked a lot of times what I think of the Pacquiao vs. De La Hoya fight and my answer has always been safe and the same, “I think Pacquiao will
have a hard time.”

Besides, my only expertise in boxing is limited to knowing the difference between a jab and an uppercut.

I think this fight shouldn’t be happening, but still, I will be cheering myself hoarse for a Pacquiao victory. It is what we need.

With the string of losses that Pinoy boxers have suffered, and the bad news in the papers, a Pacquiao victory is a welcome change.

Reading the nth article about Pacman in the front pages is a whole lot better than reading the latest impeachment rap or cha-cha moves.

What happens if Manny loses? Well, didn’t you hear the hype?

Win or lose, he’s a winner in this fight already, just go ask Gov. “Tikasan.”

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