Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fair Play: Christmas wishes for ol' St. Nick

UNLESS you bet your Christmas bonus on the Golden Boy, or your bank suddenly became a kill joy, the holidays is your time to be merry. So, come on, let’s be cheery. (Hmmm, that’s really cheesy!)

It’s 12 days to go, so get that list, check it twice to be sure nothing’s amiss and let’s all make our wish! Sharapova’s kiss? That sure would be nice. Nothing is impossible, as long as Santa is able.

So all together now, let’s wish. (Before somebody calls the Institution for Crazy Columnists!)

CCSC’S P50 MILLION. Let’s start by shooting for the moon, who knows, Santa’s in a good mood. Jack the Wack once said Cebu City needs something close to P45 million for a complete rehabilitation of the Cebu City Sports Center. Well, let’s aim higher and ask for P50 million!

They were supposed to ask that from Ate Glo, but since the CCSC doesn’t have a say on whether an impeachment complaint goes through or not, purses are a little tight.

And while we are in the spirit of wishing, aside from the 50 big ones, I hope dear Santa can also make Jack the Wack (and all of us with lots of love handles) shed some of these unwanted pounds. (It’s Christmas! You can’t go wrong by wishing!)

Z’S POWER AND REY’S STAMINA. Some boxing fans are the most unforgiving in the world, so let’s ask that Big Red Guy in the Sky to give Z Gorres the power to knock his critics out and for Rey Bautista to have the stamina to listen to 12 rounds’ worth of their drivel.

Fans disappointed with their ball clubs question the coaches’ decision, players conduct, or heart even, but with boxers? Everything from their past, to what they said to a former classmate’s uncle’s ex-girlfriend’s boardmate’s acquaintance three years ago is used against them.

BASKETBALL UNITY. Okay, this may be one of the most difficult things the Red Guy has to grant, right next to World Peace. But, it’s worth a try.

You can’t have a basketball organization in this country without someone playing the spoilsport and trying to rip that organization apart—all in the name of unity. If you want to start a tournament, another entity will start his own and will try to entice your own teams.

So dear Santa, spread the love in the basketball court, and off it.

PCCL IN CEBU. And while we are talking about basketball, let’s hope one of our gifts will be a Philippine Collegiate Champions League in Cebu.

Why does Manila have to host the PCCL all the time? Bring the event down south. Let the whole Cebu basketball community unite behind the University of the Visayas Green Lancers, or any other Cebu team, as they face Manila’s best.

. Oh, before I forget. You really can’t bring big hoops to Cebu because of the lack of a proper venue.  The New Cebu Coliseum is a misnomer since the only thing new there is yesterday’s trash.

So Santa, grant us this wish. Give Cebu a new sporting venue, pretty, pretty please.

And, if we want to wish for the stars, let’s hope Mayor Tom and Gov. Gwen will fund the project together. And if England’s Old Trafford is called “The Theater of Dreams,” then we can call ours “Tom’s and Gwen’s (Or Gwen’s and Tom’s) Haven of Peace: where hatchets are buried.”

It’s quite long, but you get the message, right?

MORE TOURNAMENTS. Cebu football already has its Theater of Dreams, but there are only a few “players” in this stage.

If we can’t have a PCCL in Cebu, I hope Santa will give us football’s Champions League, or even better, an international friendly between the Philippines’ senior team and David Beckham’s LA Galaxy.

That almost came true last year, but the prize tag for the friendly was just a bit too high.

Hmmm, what else did I forget? Oh yeah! I wish for Sharapova’s kiss and world peace! Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas one and all, let’s all wait for our presents from the Big Red Guy in the Sky…Let’s….er…is that straightjacket for me?

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