Saturday, June 23, 2007

Milo wisens up

After the brouhaha of the MOA in elementary football in last year's Milo Olympics, the organizers have apparently wisened up and are implementing changes in this year's edition.

Among the changes is the selection process of the MOA. Before, it was the technical head of each event who was in charge of choosing the MOA, now the organizers have taken away the authority from the technical head.

The MOA must come from the champion team and it will be the coaches who will nominate the MOA.  The nomination, in turn, will be endorsed to a technical committee who will either approve or disapprove the nominee.

Here's the link


budoy said...

Wagtang diay negosyo ni Francis Itom.

Doybu said...

naa gihapon negosyo uy, alkansi na lang gamay

budoy said...

Naa pa diay gawas sa Milo?