USC yanks title in San Roque

THE final day of the 2nd San Roque Football Fiesta offered more surprises, as the traditional powers in the Women's Open got booted out, while Dads United's unbeaten run in the 36-above category went to naught after crashing out of the semifinal round.

The University of San Carlos (USC) ruled the Women's Division after a hard-earned 1-0 win over Mulbachs FC. Roseton Bariñan, USC's latest addition from Davao, banged in the lone goal of the match for their close win.

Bariñan also earned the MVP honors for the team.

In the semifinals, USC scored an upset of sorts when it beat San Roque FC, 2-1, while Mulbachs finally scored a win over rival and defending champion Queen City United in the other semifinals via a shootout.

Meanwhile, the Don Bosco Alumni-Argentina also hacked out a masterful 1-0 win over Barili FC to bag the Men's Crown. Warlou Sabella scored the lone goal of the match from left flank, earning him the MVP honors in the division.

In the 36-above category, Queen City ended Dads United unbeaten run to arrange a titular showdown with their Team B, who booted out Hiroshi FC. Queen City's Bibo Castaños bagged the MVP.

On the other hand, after losing three of three finals last Saturday, Paref-Springdale finally salvaged two titles in the Players 10 and Players 8 division.

Sabin Veloso earned the P8 MVP after their shootout win together with teammates Mark Nacional, Ankelis Yu, Terence Colimenares, James Balao, Franceso Dino, Jon Josh Young, Aric Alcover and Enzo Ceniza.

Ceniza also played for the Players 10 champions, which defeated Pomeroy, 2-0, for the title.

Other members of the team are MVP awardee Pericles Dakay Jr, Anton Alvarez, Ijo Clarito, Raffy Lipardo, and Tonito Rafols.


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