Yehey! The forum is finally up

Finally, the cebu football forum is finally up, my brother set this up.

The address is:

A few rules:

Let's keep it civil. (gamay ra ang cebu football, magbingi pa gyud ta tungod ra sa gipangyawyaw sa forum)

Let's keep it about Cebu. I don't want to compete with the other forums, like Alain's and totot's, let's help each other.

I know, that it is unavoidable that matters outside Cebu will be discussed, but relate it to Cebu football.

I plan to make separate announcement sections for the different schools, schools lang because some of the clubs have their sites. This will be purely announcement stuff, to offset heated rivals from poking fun at each other.

I'll try to get Maxi, or any of the board, involved.

Any other suggestions?

By the way, to some who want their identity hidden, I'm still not sure whether I get to view your email add or not, so to be safe, sign up for new ones.


Anonymous said…
mike, i suggest you put a link to the forum on this blog. and if it's ok with you, since it is the hot topic of the day, can you transfer the U19 thread along with the comments to the forum.

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